Authorities release identities of fishermen missing on Belews Lake

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27-year-old Jacob Allen Line and 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel

STOKESDALE, N.C. — Authorities have released the identities of two men who went missing on a fishing trip Thursday morning at Belews Lake.

Jacob Allen Line, 27, and 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel were reported missing Thursday, according to officials with Stokes County Emergency Services.

Rescuers from multiple agencies have been doing scuba, sonar radar and ground searches in hopes of finding the men.

A truck, boat trailer and boat were found and officials have determined that they belong to the missing fishermen. Personal items, including clothing, were also found in the vicinity of the boat.

Rescuers are focusing their search on an area where the boat and personal items were found, according to Stokes County Emergency Services Director Greg Collins.

The area is known as a “hot hole” and is near the Duke Power Steam Station where hot water comes out of the station and into the lake.

Much of the lake remains open, but rescue leaders said they’ll keep the public away from “hot hole” and other areas as the search expands.

The command post for the search is at Carolina Marina, located at 548 Shelton Road in Stokesdale.

Officials said Saturday that they will resume searching on Sunday morning. No additional details were released.


  • jking0406

    Really Faith C?

    They have family that I’m sure deeply misses them, and friends that are heart broken. I have wondered the same thing to myself and I get that it’s frustrating not knowing all of the information, but that last comment was really unnecessary. The probability of them being found alive is slim, but there is really no need in spouting off at the mouth with extremely insensitive comments. Jacob, better known as Chico to his friends, is a very caring and compassionate person, maybe you should learn to be at least one of those things, instead of posting stupid things like you have.

    • jeremy b

      Why does it have to be a mugshot? Do you know both of them and if something was to happen to you would you like it if someone was to refer your picture to a mugshot?

  • Brooke R.

    Why would you say it is a mugshot “Bo”? My work Id looks a lot like this so maybe you are jumping to conclusions and that says a lot about you. No matter whether they have a mugshot or not still doesn’t change the fact that they are loved and missed. Someones son or brother so trying to make them look bad just reflects badly on you.

  • Bret

    I normally don’t comment online, but I will make an exception here. Pat is a sportsman and a gentleman. He has never let a friend in need down and he has always been a pleasure to be around. If it turns out he is gone, we have lost an honorable man. Please pray for the family and help celebrate his life. He has lived it with No regrets and he would not want us to mourn over his leaving so soon.

    • Shaaron

      Bret, I normally don’t comment on any of these things either. Thank you for saying the positive and great things about Pat. I sort of knew him. My brother knew him very well and he said that Pat was a great man. He said he’d give someone the shirt off his back. I really feel for his family.

      • Bret

        Your brother is right. He never met a stranger and he never failed to help someone in need. His mother Jackie and dad “Bubba” are two God fearing people who raised two wonderful human beings Paige and Pat. This world needs more people like them. Pat is like a brother to me and my brother and he looked up to us. This world will be a different place if he is gone.

  • its my business

    Where was the boat found? I missed that part. Everyone knows where the water gets hot in Belews. Heck, that lake is warm enough to swim in the Winter. Last i heard a decade ago, you can’t swim, only fish and ride around. My thoughts go out to the family. My prayers are with you.

  • Sydney

    Pat is my Uncle and meant the world to me. He is amazing and great part of my life. He was always there for me no matter what. I could always count on him when i needed him. Uncle Pat I love you with all my heart. Please be strong and come up.<3 Please keep family and friends in your prayers..

  • Amber

    U know it’s pretty pathetic that every time the news posts a picture of someone missing the only thing ppl can say can say is “why r u posting a mugshot”..who cares if they have a past or not! R u claiming u r innocent? Think again mister not one of us in this world r innocent! They do not always use mugshots. .they get there photos from the d.n.v it’s rare they use there mugshot unless they were arrested for the crime in which is being talked about! Have a little bit of sympathy/respect for the families of these missing men! My heart, thoughts, and prayers r sent to the families and friends of these beloved men!♡

  • Claude

    Both were my friends and I resent some of these remarks. Ignorance is bliss. My heart ,thoughts & prayers go out to the family and many friends they have.

  • Debbie S

    We knew James (Pat) , for many years he loved to go fishing , was a good man , he came Dove hunting to our home every year, I knew his family , our prayers go out to them all at this Easter season .

  • Debbie S

    We knew James (Pat) he was a good man he lived to fish and hunt , he came to our home every year to dove hunt . I know his family as well . I pray for the family’s this Easter Day .

  • Debbi w g

    Lord, I lift up Jacob and Pat, family and friends, searchers and rescuers to you Lord for everyones safety. As we celebrate the greatest miracle of all your resurrection, I know you still perform miracles today. You will be done on earth as it in heaven.

  • Shelley

    Prayers to the families of these two men, as well as to the men and women searching for jacob and James. And for those who have nothing better to do then post negative comments, would you be posting those comments if it was your family member or friend? Doubt it! But I am sure you would be pissed if others wrote negative comments!

  • lori

    I knew pat as well and he was always nice to me. I feel for his family and friends, no one deserves the disrespecting comments in this situation.

  • Bo Diddley

    I can’t wait to see the toxicology report wherever and whenever these two are found. In the end I hope they are found on land and unhurt.

  • lori

    What does a tox screen have to do with 2 men missing while fishing, minding their own business. They were family and friends to many. Have a heart.

  • Anonymous

    Jake is my cousin and this is a tragic thing that is happening. Our family is torn apart by it and the waiting is killing everyone. Prayers are greatly appreciated. Please think before you post negative comments about either of these men. They were both stand up guys, Jake would give the shirt off his back for someone, while I never knew James, my cousin was very close to him and he was a wonderful person. Negative comments are not appreciated and only hurt our families more. Please think before you post negative things about either of these men.

  • WDH

    I knew Pat through his uncle and father in Virginia Beach. I am both proud and thankful to say that I had the privilege and pleasure of fishing with him at least once many years ago. Pat didn’t go “fishing”. He went “catching”.
    I’m certain that he is one of the most cheerful, outgoing and friendly people I will ever know. I shared many good laughs with Pat and his uncle when he would come to visit his Grandmother and Grandfather.
    The last time I saw Pat he shared the story of a successful fishing trip with his father in Rudee Inlet. I remember thinking how I would love to be able to go fishing with him again. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Pat. God bleess his Fishing partner also.

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