Washington debates future of Fort Bragg unit

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Support remains strong for the 440th Airlift Wing as the Pentagon seeks to trim its 2015 budget.

WTVD-TV reported that the 440th Airlift Wing, an Air Force reserve unit providing critical training and support to the 82nd Airborne Division, is still the center of debate in Washington.

The unit, transferred from Wisconsin to North Carolina following the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure, is home to 1100 Air Force reservists and support staff. It provides a quarter of the flight training at Fort Bragg. The estimated economic impact of the unit on the Sandhills region is $77 million.

The unit's signature jumps on Fort Bragg could become an image of the past, but Thursday afternoon, routine training continued as 80 paratroopers gracefully glided from eight C-130s onto the Pope Army Airfield tarmac during training called the Elephant Walk and Halo Airborne Operations.

"Let's hope it doesn't happen because this is tradition," said Army Spec. Tyron Nathan with the 824th Quartermaster company. "This is Fort Bragg right here, and (the) true spirit of Airborne. Hate to see it go, so let's cross fingers it doesn't happen."

Local and state leaders fiercely oppose deactivation of the unit.

"I am deeply concerned about a proposal from the Air Force that would remove all of the C-130s stationed at Pope Army Airfield at Ft. Bragg," said North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan during a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

"These actions would leave no airlift at the home of the Airborne - something that I vehemently oppose," said Hagan last week. "This is a rushed proposal that would attempt to push through a drastic decision before Congress has had the opportunity to review it through the full authorization and appropriation process."

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  • Richard Nance

    The Odumber Adm. will definitely Keep The Fort Bragg Unit in North Carolina & Odumber & the rest of the Democrats will Praise Kay Hagan for being the One that made it happen so its Politics as usual & really Congress has no Intention of changing the Unit anyway, like I said its just Politics as usual for the Democrats because they are running scared big time but in the next couple of months or maybe sooner an announcement will be made & Kay Hagan will be Center Stage!!

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    Richard, you are an idiot and an embarrassment of every principle this country was founded on. It is obvious that you lack critical thinking skills and are afraid to admit that your right wing friends have done more to damage this country that any entity in the history of this country.

    By the way, I could rewrite your comment by using the word Republican and Governor McCrory and get the same result you tried to illicit. Don’t think for one minute that your conservative friends will not try to save the post to pad their own resume. So you see, your attempt to degrade Democrats is not only misplaced, it will blow up in your face when Republicans come out in favor of saving it. And when they do, will you insult them and their party?

    How sad it must be to be you….

  • mojorisin73

    SMH…..You both need to realize that both parties are working for the same ones and it’s not “We the People”. It’s voters like you 2 who still think that there’s a difference between the 2 parties that’s keeping our country status quo. It’s very simple, stop supporting and voting for the 2 party corporate fascist duopoly that has ruined this country.

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    If you look at my comments as it pertains to this article, I didn’t say that Democrat’s are innocent. I was simply trying to demonstrate the flaw in Richards logic and nothing more.

    Having said that, if you review any of my previous political comments on this website, you will find that I have and do blame both parties. I also blame voters who vote for these jerks and hold them just as accountable for what they all have done to this country.

    In the future, try not to read into my comments and misconstrue what I said or intended to say.

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