State evaluation reveals several deficiencies at Wilkes County DSS

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WILKES COUNTY, N.C. -- The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has released a six-page evaluation report that outlines several deficiencies within the Wilkes County Department of Social Services.

The investigation began after state officials learned of a case where Wilkes County social workers removed two young girls from one abusive home, then placed them in a home where they were sexually abused again.

North Carolina Division of Social Services staffers reviewed a sample of 28 cases in March and found problems involving leadership, oversight, and record-keeping.

The report also revealed that Child Protective Services workers in Wilkes County interviewed and did background checks on all adults in the child’s home in only 35.3 percent of all cases. Ongoing visits to make sure the child was safe only happened in 11.8 percent of cases.

“DHHS staff conducted a thorough review of the Wilkes County Child Welfare Program, focusing on child protective services, and we identified several areas needing improvement and deficiencies that must be addressed. DHHS takes the safety and well-being of every child very seriously, and we will provide the technical assistance necessary to ensure that the Wilkes County Child Welfare Program is strengthened,” said Wayne Black, Director of DHHS Division of Social Services in a statement.

The report says Wilkes County DSS has to come up with a plan to address the issues spelled out by the state. There will be a follow up review within six months to see if Wilkes County has made any progress.


  • Mark Stabler

    This is exactly how government works. They have already been studying this problem for months and now they are giving the Wilkes County DDS six months to come up with a plan. So what happens to all the children in need during this “review” and “planning” stage. It is obvious they are not doing their job and not even coming close to performing at a decent level. Plan, plan, plan and never act. Unacceptable.

  • Save the kids

    They need to evaluation Franklin county DSS too. They send kids back to moms that repeatedly fail drug tests.

  • RCC

    DSS/CPS is full of incompetent staff. They think they’re superior because of all the power they’re granted. Their “superiority” makes them never wrong. They ruin the lives of children and adults because, in reality, they don’t know their own a** from a hole in the ground. Nine times out of ten…that’s where their head is too. Every staff member, from caseworkers to management, is this way. There’s no failsafe because every single worker is incompetent to handle a criminal investigative process. They’re not trained in criminal investigation and are allowed to make judgements that harm children and families despite their lack of training. They hide/withhold evidence that will prove their decision wrong…just so they can be right. The public never finds out the truth until they’ve ruined the life of a child or family. In every single state a child or family is suffering due an incompetent idiot with a big paycheck. What’s worse is that these idiots that screw up will never be punished for their incompetency. Sue DSS? Laughable when you have state money to pay for your defense.

  • Joseph Fleeman

    The administrators should ALL be fired! All of the foster parents should have been background checked.I know back in 2004 the job for ASSISTANT administrator in Alexander county was 76k a yr STARTING out with loads of benefits! There is no excuse for this!

  • kp

    If people only knew the half of how those people are on a power trip! I learned first hand while Wilkes dss was investigating my ex husband at my request for 6 months. They tried to punish me for reporting them to state after the sheriff office suggested for me too when dss failed to pay attention to what Baptist hospital suggested after having to do a physical & psychological exam. They tried to punish me by taking my child & I was right back to the state. 2 caseworkers lost their jobs & my child came home immediately. They are dirty & don’t care if the ruin children’s lives

  • Sarah

    I am in having to deal with cps right now for the sake of my nephew a social worker drug tested my father and it popped up positive for meth! Let me tell you he doesn’t do that he should of popped up positive for thc fr his trip to California which he openly admitted to the social worker but that was negitive ?? Does that make sense to anyone else ? The Lady so talked to my nephew I without parent consent I know my rights and that was just bull. The system that is supposed to protect kids isn’t fits doing more harm !! And kids are paying the price it is just pitiful the way these people think they can do as they please when they obviously can’t do there job correctly!!

  • Catrina

    So you think Sarah, that removing a child from a parent that smokes pot is a good move for the kid huh? You think that a parent that smoked in California when he was visiting is a good reason to take a kid and put them into a strangers home where as we’ve just learned, have probably not had a background check?

    Even if a parent smoked pot every single day that is not mean they are bad parents! Get over the idea that pot is bad for you and somehow makes people bad people! Children that truly need help aren’t getting it because CPS is too busy taking children away from healthy homes just because marijuana is involved.

  • selina

    I had To deal with alexander county Dss and they need to work On how they run things in the cpd department too. They Look for weak parents to accuse bc its all.about the money. .

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