Staged child abduction enrages parents; police chief says ‘no law against stupid’

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SEQUIM, Wash. (KCPQ) — “Everyone was furious,” said Rebekah Asin, a parent who watched a young boy get snatched up by a masked man on Sunday.

It happened on a playground at Carrie Blake Park in Sequim.

“It was terrifying for everybody involved,” said Tiffany Barnett, another parent who witnessed the ‘abduction.’

A van pulled over next to a playground full of kids, and a man in a ski mask jumped out, raced up to a little boy, scooped him up, and jumped back in the van.

Parents started calling 911, while kids and others on the playground panicked. Moments later, the van came back, and the people inside told the parents they were making an educational video on child abductions, and the boy’s mother was in on it.

“They were saying it’s for kidnapping awareness, to show how easy it is to do something like that,” Asin said. “But I didn’t see them apologize to anybody.”

Barnett called it “a huge slap in the face.”

The stunt was staged by twin brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden. They have a YouTube page where they post pranks. Some are harmless, but others include fake store robberies, and kidnappings, to get a reaction from the public.

Jeremy Holden insists the child abduction video was not a prank and was made only to educate the public. They have received plenty of angry posts on their Facebook page and Holden said he now regrets doing it.

“We didn’t expect people to get that upset about it,” he said.

Sequim Police Chief Bill Dickinson does not believe the bothers committed a crime — “There’s no law against stupid” — but says they are investigating. Still, the chief said these kinds of stunts and pranks are dangerous, and the twins risk getting shot from responding police or even the public who may be armed.

“Based on what they’re seeing, if they (members of the public) believe a serious crime is taking place, they would be justified,” Dickinson said.


  • amazedatthenews

    Wow, they are lucky someone didn’t try to stop him and end up shooting him. Stupidity is rampant…

  • Transcender

    @amazed – that’s what I was thinking, too! Yes, they are stupid… and extremely lucky that someone didn’t try to shoot them. At the very least, I think the Police Chief should’ve charged them with ‘Disturbing the Peace’, for inciting panic in a playground full of children and their parents.

    The article says the mother was in on it, but it fails to mention whether the child who was kidnapped, was in on it. If he wasn’t, what a horrible mother. If he was, what a horrible woman to put all of those people purposefully through that.

  • faith black

    Maybe parents should be more aware and involved, instead of sitting on a bench away from the kids. Parents and people seem clueless when it comes to safety. My advice to all people is be aware of your surroundings.

  • LH

    If the whole point is to get a reaction, I think it worked. If you watch some of their “pranks” that are meant more to inform and educate, they work well. They have explained it to some people who have actually gotten into action of defending the underdog involved.

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