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Police release mugshots in Winston-Salem human trafficking case

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Police have released the mugshots of seven people arrested for human trafficking.

After an investigation, 40 people were arrested Thursday in North Carolina, including 30 in Winston-Salem.

The arrests come after an investigation that started in 2009 in response to allegations of organized prostitution in Winston-Salem, according to police.

Officials said the victims have been identified as at least five foreign nationals, including one minor and were trafficked at locations in Winston-Salem.

Police said 25 brothels were identified in North Carolina, nine of which were in Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem police said the suspects face a total of 76 charges at both the State and Federal levels.

Multiple law enforcement agencies contributed to the investigation including police departments in Asheboro, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh and Kernersville.

The following have been identified as having key roles in the initiation and/or furtherance of organized prostitution and sex trafficking in Winston-Salem: Mauro Aparicio Hernandez; Augusto Justino Valverde-Morales; Carmina Canton; Deysi Suyapa Rodriguez; Fredi Menendes Garcia; Lorenzo Espinal Almonte; Ondina Lizeht Alonso Hernandez.


  • Jose

    Just because SOME Hispanics choose to do stupid things doesn’t mean they all do. Ignorant people then yall stay quiet with its their race on the news point the fingers to your own people too acting like Hispanics are the only bad ones in today’s society BS!

  • Anon

    More fun in good ole W-S! I swear the news stations could just pack up, move to Winston and devote their entire newscasts/websites to to trash that inhabits that city. It’s like a mini Detroit.

  • grendaline

    Don’t worry about what we do with OUR country. Yeah you’ll throw out the tace card and say dumb things like “White people can be trash too”. You’re right they can be, buf the difference is, we didn’t come illegally into this country and make someone else’s area trash. This is our country. How would you like it if I went to mexico and move a block away from your mom and create a prostitution ring? Most likely people in the area now have drugs & guns. You should respect our city.

    • targetsacquired

      Carlos knows thats not possible due to Mexicos immigration laws…there is no way you could move there AND start a business, altho, anyone who has been to Mexico knows its as bad as it gets once you get into the tourist traps.
      Hell, his own mom probably runs one of those rings in Mexico….so hes not worried at all about that.

    • sophie

      Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out then, Melissa. I happen to love this area – born and bred – and work hard every day to take it back from idiots and illegals. You don’t like it, that’s your problem.

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