Man featured on ‘To Catch a Predator’ arrested at NC school

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James Travis Fowler

SUPPLY, N.C. – A registered sex offender who was featured on an episode of “To Catch a Predator” has been caught at a North Carolina elementary school.

WECT reported that 41-year-old James Travis Fowler was arrested Monday for trying to attend an awards ceremony at Supply Elementary in Brunswick County.

Fowler was reportedly at the school with a friend who has a child at the school.

It’s a felony for registered sex offenders to come onto a school property, according to Jessica Swencki with Brunswick County Schools.

Fowler was featured on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” in 2007 for driving nearly two hours to meet a girl he thought was 13.

The show featured adults who impersonated children online and set up meetings with adult strangers in real life. The potential “predators” were then handed over to law enforcement.

Fowler was convicted of that crime in 2009. He reportedly admitted to being arrested for a similar offense in 1995.

Officials with Brunswick County schools said the school’s security system alerted them to Fowler. The security system requires visitors to scan their licenses.

“It was a little mind blowing that someone would actually do this, and perhaps they didn’t understand the sophistication we had as far as our system,” Swencki said.

Under certain circumstances, registered sex offenders may be able to attend activities with special permission from a school’s principal, according to officials.

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  • angie

    Faith your firstly need to get a life outside of and second of all I know that at my childrens school unless you are a civil servant you cannot attend ANY activities at the school unless you are on a childs list of approved people. And thier school knows every parent of every child at the school

  • Jabari

    it makes me sick this perv is out of jail. I would think a second offense would warrant more prison time

  • samiam

    If your going to comment on the story do so, leave your personal remarks about other people to yourselves. As we would all like to see people who do harm to children become part of the jails like the footings. The law is the law, and maybe we need to tell our representatives that we need laws to keep them off the street and under the jails.

  • Triple Aught

    There is often a difference between a Child Predator,
    and a Sexual Offender.
    I wish all news media would take the time to get this right.

    The dog-goop mentioned above is a Child Predator.
    He deserves chemical castration, or physical castration…if not death.

    However, there are many people labeled as a Sexual Offender that do not deserve the label. It is all too easy for women wearing short skirts and skimpy clothes to drag a man into a courtroom and cry sexual harassment.There are simply too many,”Jezebels”, that will do this.

    And, NC Courts, well, are NC Courts.
    Where Justice is only an illusion.
    It’s a place where one is innocent, until one runs out of money.
    (Take Note of that Fact).

    And No, I am not listed as either, I am simply pointing out the facts.

    *** Also, Leave FaithC alone, as she/he, it,… does have the right to the pursuit of happiness…

    I have been on the receiving end of FaithC’s comments, I have learned to pay no attention, as the comments add little to anything.

    It’s when smart people get it wrong that bugs me.

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