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76-year-old man accused of killing his ‘nagging’ wife

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Jack Lang

WISCONSIN — Wisconsin police say a 76-year-old man killed his wife and tried to kill himself — allegedly because she was “nagging” him.

Police say Jack Lang shot his wife June several times in their bedroom on Wednesday.

He told police he was upset after the victim called him names and harassed him while they were going out for lunch.

Lang also said his wife had been nagging him for a few weeks, and he’d had enough.

After he shot his wife to death, police say Lang tried to shoot himself in the head, but failed.

He’s being held on a first degree murder charge.

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  • L

    He had heen wanting to do that for a long long time, he just got the courage, strength, and will power to do it, thinking he would be spared going to jail. Why didn’t granpapa just leave granny , it’s not that she didn’t want to continue to live , after those years of washing his clothes, back, rubbing his head, slaving over the hot stove, putting up wirh his abusive tongue, keeping the hoyse, pushing out children or wearing the stigma of not being able to bear his meanself ant children. What a way to die at the hands of the one you love

    • justin

      Way to assume she was this great wife. My wife doesn’t nag me but she also doesn’t do all that shit either. That doesn’t make her a bad wife. In fact we have a better marriage then most of these jokes. Dont assume she was a saint just because she’s dead. Ava Bruan married hitler. She didn’t commit those war crimes but she’s just as guilty… im sure she rubbed his back and his head as well. Just saying

  • Will Grant

    Dang Dad, why why why is the question I have for you! Mommy was so sweet and made me cookies and milk every night before she tucked me in to bed. I am utterly upset at your outrage over her and her opinions.

  • Chris Lang

    Jack was my grandfather. He was suffering from dementia and other various mental illnesses. We didn’t know he had a gun. He was going to be moving into a retirement home, soon.

    It is very shocking to all of us. He loved grandma june with all of his heart. If he had been in the right state of mind, he would never have even CONSIDERED laying a finger on her. This is not his fault, nor hers.

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