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Faulty pool light blamed for 7-year-old’s death

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MIAMI, Fla. — Authorities in Florida say a faulty pool light is to blame for the death of a boy killed while swimming in his pool on Sunday.

A nanny was watching Calder Sloan, 7, swim in a backyard pool on Sunday when he was electrocuted, according to The Miami Herald.

The shock catapulted the boy out of the water as he was swimming with a friend.

“I think we’ll end up selling this house. I don’t think we can live here,” the boy’s father, Chris Sloan, told the paper. “It was always a joy living in this house. Now it’s dark, cold.”

Sloan claims they hired a contractor to fix the pool light last year, however he has not had time to retrieve the records that show the repair.

According to the paper, the North Miami building department records did not show any permits or inspections were done at the home in 2013.

“Somebody did not do their job,” Sloan said.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Source: The Miami Herald