Google Glass available to public Tuesday

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If you are looking for something to purchase with your tax refund on April 15, Google may be able to help.

Google Glass is finally here, and available to the public for $1,500.

According to USA Today, Google will be selling its wearable computing device at 9 a.m.

Buyers will also get a sunglasses shade or one of Google’s newly-introduced prescription glasses frames with their purchase.

Google is releasing a limited number at this website.

Read more: USA Today


  • Mark Stabler

    Appears google is targeting this got to have compter to small kids. There are fewer and fewer kids that can add and subtract and hardly any that can make change…they rely on computers. In fact, before long they will not be able to sign their name or wirte a letter in cursive. However, they will be very adapt at playing games and looking up information via the comptuer. It’s a changing world.

    • JT

      Of course they are marketing this to kids, Mark…toy companies have been doing it for years, and if you look at how kids use the computer, they use them as toys. In fact, I’ve heard kids ask their parents if they could “play on the computer.” And adults aren’t much better–the vast majority of registered domain names on the internet are either pornographic sites or retail sites. Tells you what we use this thing for–narcissism (i.e. Faceyspace or Tweetypage), “self-gratification,” and buying useless junk we don’t need and cannot afford. But if you want to read a book on just how frightening this is and what kind of damage it has done to education, read Mark Bauerlein’s book The Dumbest Generation. Really an eye-opener for ANYONE who has kids or works in education.

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