79-year-old ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ dancer stuns Simon Cowell with her moves

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As 79-year-old Paddy began slowly ballroom dancing with her partner Nico on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, judge Simon Cowell was less than impressed.

In fact, he actually yawned before pressing the buzzer.

But then the music picks up, and so do their moves.

The tiny, 79-year-old woman stuns Simon, and the world.

Cowell wasn’t yawning anymore.

“I apologize for buzzing a little early before all the crazy things happened – it went ballistic,” he said. “It was extraordinary.”


  • John

    She has the heart to get up on stage and perform in front of who knows how many people. She is incredible and God has truly blessed her with great talent. The only thing I can see is that you are judging a lady for having the strength and courage to do more than a lot of us will do Mr. Grant. Instead of criticism and leave negative comments, you should not say anything and just move on. Wise men once said, ”If you do not have something nice to say to or about someone, do not even bother saying anything!” Just let things be and its better to live life in a positive form of attitude and not a negative state. You will live life happier and longer. Also, for its the right thing to do, lets end all this negative attitudes in life and live like Jesus does with Love!

    • Will Grant

      meltdown You are free to ignore any reviews you don’t like, “John,” but I print the truth. Hope this helps.

  • WTB

    That routine made me nervous! Pretty cool to see that little lady dance with such gusto and take on moves that people 1/4 of her age wouldn’t dare. That is no fear!

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