24 people apply for ‘World’s Toughest Job,’ get an emotional surprise at end of interview

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A company that placed a classified ad seeking a Director of Operations interviewed 24 people for the position.

The job includes 135+ hours a week of work, on call at all times, must stand for hours without breaks and qualified candidates must have knowledge of psychology, medicine, personal finance and culinary arts.

The job offers no medical or dental benefits, no pension and no paid holidays, but did offer “infinite opportunities for personal growth and rewards.”

The 24 candidates were interviewed via webcam. Their reaction at the end of the interview will make you think of someone you know very well.


  • Tom

    What about dads that have been there every moment they can be there for there kids? I have been there every waking moment for my kids.

    • Diane

      I was surprised they didn’t say Dad’s to but Hats off to all the dads in the world.. Keep doing a great job rasing your kids..Love to all the Dads and Moms out there.

  • David Darling

    Dislike! All they had to do was say “parents” instead of “mom” and they could have avoided the sexist stereotype, but instead they ignored half of all parents.

  • missnikkit

    How cute! And for the guys ‘anything you can do, we can do better’! You know the only questions your kids ask you are ‘where is mom’ and ‘can I have some money’…a mothers job however, is never done!

  • christine

    That is so true. A mothers job is never done! Dads get over it . Its not a stereo type. At the end of the day who do most children look for there MOM! Just Saying!

    • Ryan Lee Neal

      Every night my little man looks for his days. Just the two of us one step at a time. I know it was done for mothers day(That is awesome)(LOVE MY MOM)but, it also implies that the dads can not do or do not do as much as the mothers. My son and I do just fine and he is only three. I am working my @$$ off at a cooks pay. Loving every minute of it :-)

  • Melissa

    Another stereotype. I am a Mom, of 5 kids. If you picked the right husband, he is an equal partner in child rearing. If you didn’t, blame yourself, not every other Dad on the planet.

  • Marie

    Every dad on here that was complaining they were not mentioned…what about your mom? Or were you raised by just your dad too? It was not intended for one mom, it means moms everywhere. It shows how truly selfish men are I guess.

  • Adam Mayer

    This is a great greeting card but one thing. If mom makes a mistake she does not get fired and wonder how she will get her next meal. In fact if I’m not mistakin she’s the boss. I think dads should specifily in detail every thing they do but that would be counter productive.

  • Adam Mayer

    But yes women are by nature in general better with thier children. God bless moms and dads because we need em both! Nature will privail always and dads keep doing what you know you have to. We will be ridiculed but were men, we can take it

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