EPA holds open forum on cleaning coal ash from Dan River

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DANVILLE, Va. -- The Environmental Protection Agency held an open forum Monday to discuss removing coal ash from the Dan River near the Schoolfield Dam.

Duke Energy is focusing cleanup efforts in Danville after teams found a 2,500-ton deposit of coal ash near the Schoolfield Dam. Abreu Grogan Park will be closed while crews work to vacuum sediment out of the water and then move it to lined landfills in Virginia and North Carolina.

Representatives from several agencies including the U.S. EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Department of Health, City of Danville and U.S. Coast Guard attended the meeting to answer questions.

Dredging is expected to begin by May 1. EPA officials say cleanup should be completed by July.



    • Dee OBrien

      The water bottle that Myles, EPA Representative, was holding while talking to me is shown briefly on the table at 21 seconds in to the video right in front of him.

  • Will Grant

    Hilarious how all these rubes attend these meetings thinking they have any real say in these matters. Epic self-delusion, they won’t recover.

    Most of them probably don’t even lift.

  • Lawrence Suit

    It is unfortunate to see people are insulted when they voice concerns and are genuine regarding the health of their family, community, & eniroment.

    Apparently “Will Grant” must work for the EPA, Duke Energy, Danville Utilities, or alike.

    • Will Grant

      Apparently “Lawrence Suit” went to an HBCU if he has any post-high school “education” at all. What a clueless dimwit.

  • Angelia Mitchem

    It’s a shame that the EPA looks down on small town Danville. I tell you if this were to happen in Washington, D.C. There would most definitely be a less sarcastic response.

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