Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine unveiled

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AVON, Colo. — It’s being called the future of marijuana in Colorado. No long lines and no sales person needed.

KDVR reported that marijuana entrepreneurs unveiled Colorado’s high-tech marijuana vending machine in Eagle County Friday night.

The machine is not in use yet, but went on display at Montana’s Smokehouse barbecue in Avon.

The machine is called the “Zazz” and is Colorado’s first marijuana edibles vending machine.

The machine will soon be stocked with goods from Herbal Elements from nearby Eagle-Vail.

The machine is for medical marijuana patients only. People wanting to buy a marijuana brownie will need to have a valid medical marijuana card. Their ID will have to be verified before getting anything from the machine.

The entrepreneurs hope to have several of them in place soon.

Colorado is expected to bring in an estimated $98 million in marijuana tax revenue this year, exceeding the state’s original expectations by 40 percent, according to Reuters.


  • Norman Gooding

    Revenue is up,,jobs are up,,crime,highway fatalities,domestic violence and suicides are all down.
    I wonder if it is frustrating for SAM and other paid anti-marijuana organizations to be consistently wrong??
    PS:,,still no large increase in the number of mental hospital patients either.

    • chucky1992

      I really do wonder what the long term stats will be. Crime could have just gone down becaues they are not making the number of marijuana related arrests that they used to make. Once the public gets used to it being legal and it becomes more common placed, you could still see increases in crime but you have to establish numbers under the new laws before you can track changes. I can’t argue the revenue point though.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Denver is so far ahead of the pack! Why are we still forced to deal with shaddy dealers?

  • FaithC

    This is awesome. Too bad we live in the bible belt with all these southern holier than thou uptight dbags.

    • chucky1992

      Faith, I have been seeing your comments on this web site for quite some time. 1. I cannot believe that you are in favor of making marijuana legal given your stance on so many other stories on here. 2. Nobody is forcing you to stay here in the bible belt. Feel free to pack up your trailer and move. :)

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