Three charged with string of break-ins in Randolph Co.

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Thomas Franklin Salmons, April Krystal Davis and Elton Roscoe Cassidy (left to right)

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Police have arrested three people in connection with a string of break-ins and larcenies throughout Randolph County.

According to police, since late February and into March, three individuals were responsible for break-ins in Archdale, Asheboro, Franklinville and Ramsuer.

Thomas Franklin Salmons, 29, of Asheboro, was charged with 11 counts of breaking and entering, nine counts of felony larceny, nine counts of possession of stolen goods and seven counts of injury to real property. He is being held under a $200,000 secured bond.

April Krystal Davis, 30, of Asheboro, was charged with nine counts of breaking and entering, seven counts of felony larceny and seven counts of possession of stolen goods. She is being held under a $125,000 secured bond.

Elton Roscoe Cassidy, 33, of Asheboro, was charged with six counts of breaking and entering, four counts of felony larceny, four counts of possession of stolen goods, four counts possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of injury to real property. He is being held under a $25,000 secured bond.

All three suspects are currently confined in the Randolph County Jail.

Investigators were able to recover some of the stolen property from these residences and are working with other local law enforcement agencies in surrounding counties that have cases involving these suspects as well.



  • FaithC

    Why do people just toss away their life? I am sure this is not their first or their last arrest.
    I hope they get some serious time. We need harsher punishment for scum like this.

  • henry

    she is a den mother for cub scouts in sophia. i think they arrested the wrong person. she is very smart. well respected in the community.

  • Auntie A

    What a shame, I know Krystal, we were very best friends about 10 years ago…we were completely inseperable and she was a good, hardworking person, one of the best friends I have ever had. Unfortunately, when I met my husband and we started our family I chose to straighten up and live the family life and she just never seemed to be able to get away from all of the chaos. I have missed having her in my life ever since. She has certainly made her mistakes and poor decisions, with that I will agree, I wish so badly that she could get her life in order, but for those of you that want to call names and bash her while she’s down (Raven Youngblood) I have this to say to you, the Krystal Davis that I know and loved so well was the most giving, loyal, and loving person you could want in your life. If you knew her very well you would know that she wasn’t dealt a very fair hand at life to begin with, and I am NOT making excuses for her misdeeds in ANY way by saying that, she made bad choices and should pay the price like anyone else, but she didn’t get a very fair start and that, in my opinion has held her back in alot of ways. I hate this the most for her children, they are the true victims here, I just hope and pray that this will wake her up and motivate her to make better decisions for herself as well as her kids. Whatever her misdeeds, I will support her 100 percent in bettering herself and her situation.

    • targetsacquired

      Nevermind my previous comment…..I think you just proved it for me.

      BTW, I know people that also didnt have a “fair start” but are now making 7 figures a year, legally, and have good families.
      Life is, what you make it…period. She chose to steal. Shes caught. Shes a felon, or soon will be.
      Bash her while shes down? Shes obviously been down a while, and if a few words on a website are going to make a difference to her, then she needs to know what a POS she is, and then she can determine what, if anything, she does after she pulls a few years.

      • Auntie A

        Targetsacquired, not that I feel the need to explain myself or my thinking behind my previous comment to you, but I’m not sure you read my comment very thoroughly. First of all, I absolutely said that she didn’t get a very fair hand dealt to her in the beginning, but then in the very same sentence I also said that if she committed these crimes she should pay for her mistakes just like anyone else would. I ALSO said that I was NOT making excuses for her, she has made some horrendous decisions and done some really stupid things, a stint in jail very likely is what she needs to straighten up. All I meant by her having been dealt a bum deck in life is that given her start, it’s hardly surprising that she is where she is. And I fully agree that life is what you make it, but I also know from experience that everyone can make mistakes and sometimes a good support system is what it takes to turn a lost life around, and from what I have known of by seeing her here and there in public over the past 10 years, unfortunately she wasn’t lucky enough to have that support. I was only saying that I personally know Krystal, she hasn’t always been like this, at one point she was a honest, hardworking person just like you and I. She made poor choices and associated with the wrong people and has obviously gotten in so deep that she can’t easily get out. She was a good mother, friend and person and it is so sad to see such a precious life go off the rails like she has. I feel sorry for the people she allegedly victimized, having your peace of mind shattered is terrible, however I feel the most pity and concern for the children I know she has at home. So, I appreciate your trying to “set me straight” in my “convoluted” way of thinking but I try to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is capable of change. She should definitely pay for her misdeeds, I just hope that this will turn her life around for the better.

    • Wendy

      I Agree with you..I am Krystals sister..And i had always hoped she would straighten up..I moved to maryland and married..And she just never made very good choices in her life.And even worse choices after her mother died.There;s no excuse for the things she has done.I was raised in the same family as her.And i turned out alright.With no record of anything,except for 1 speeding ticket in my life..And im also very sorry for the people she has hurt.And the ones that got there house broke into by her and her two friends.but she is my sister and i do love her just for that fact alone.even if i she is a theif,and she is.stolen from me once,even her own mother a few times.That is why i never would tell her where i live,because she is known for stealing,that is known by our entire family.But i know she has been on drugs for awhile,and lost her kids to s.s..and as her sister i hate for her to have to go through possible going to prison,.But she does need to pay for what she has done.then maybe she will live her life right one day.when she has done her time..

  • Robert Y

    These 3 are probably the ones that broke into my house. Hope they are proud of the trauma they have caused, if you have ever come home to a break in it is in a nutshell traumatic. Hope all 3 are 3 strikes candidates and pay for their crimes. Have no sympathy for them, just want my stuff back.

  • Wendy

    And just to be clear,Im not explaining myself.Because i love my sister.And an old friend of hers should not either.everyone has there own opion.and i can respect that.But someone cant.And i couldnt care less what someone else thinks,And krystal is also like you cant bash her,if she read any of your post,its bad what she has done.and im sure she will pay for it.Like everyone else.Ive known her all my life,and she wasnt always like this.she was smart,and kind,and a very pretty girl..and even if theres no excuse for her crimes.Drugs,and stupid friends ,the influence both have are very strong.And yes ,she just should have said NO to both..but she has always been easily influenced without thinking of the conceiquence of her actions.But if your going to try to bash her.atleast bash the 2 guys with her.Personally i always thought bashing anyone really is useless..your only hurting yourself ,when its your time to be judged.

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