Man charged with bringing gun on Southern Guilford High School campus

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Southern Guilford High School (Google)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police arrested a man Thursday on charges related to bringing a loaded gun onto the Southern Guilford High School campus, according to Guilford County Schools.

Police received a 911 call saying someone was coming onto the campus with a weapon in their vehicle. The school enacted its safety plan, which included locking down the building. This happened after buses left campus, so the majority of people impacted were staff and some student-athletes.

Deputies located a vehicle matching the 911 caller’s description. The driver was charged with possession of a weapon on campus and carrying a concealed weapon.

The man was not a student at SGHS, the school system said.

An investigation is ongoing.

The identity of the man charged has not been released.


  • GC

    If he had a concealed carry permit and had the weapon in a locked vehicle he was wrongfully arrested, as this is now legal. On the other hand if he did not have a concealed carry permit he was breaking the law.

  • Mark

    If he was carrying concealed, then he is rightfully charged. You cannot carry concealed in a public school or on the property.

    And you can only lock it in a secure spot within the vehicle ., not just have the vehicle locked.

    • GC

      It says in the post he had the weapon in his vehicle, therefore he was not necessarily carrying concealed, it very well may have been locked in the vehicle, we do not know.
      Also, the way the law reads it has to be locked in a vehicle- it does not say that it has to be locked up within the vehicle, simply that a permit holder may store their personal protection weapon within their vehicle on a school campus. Therefore if it was stored within a locked vehicle he was wrongfully arrested. If the vehicle was unlocked, or the individual was carrying the weapon it was correct to arrest him.

    • GC

      “*Effective October 1, 2013, unless prohibited by a private school, a concealed handgun permittee may store a handgun in the person’s locked vehicle or in a locked container securely fixed to the person’s vehicle while on campus. It may NOT be carried on the person.”

      This comes straight from the NC DOJ website at this address:

      So it is possible he was wrongfully arrested- we won’t know until more details come out.

    • Michael Sink

      you need to know the law… has changed I hope the LEOs , (most dont even know the laws,),,,get a reprimand if he had it in his locked compartment or vehicle/ can carry it in a vehicle concealed and locked on school grounds now

  • orange

    why would a non student bring a weapon onto the campus and why would a 911 call be placed to warn authorities? Gun laws don’t trump common sense and awareness GC…

    • GC

      A student couldn’t legally bring one on campus period, they aren’t 21 and can’t have a CCW permit yet. A non student who has a CCW permit may have one locked in their vehicle for many legitimate reasons- I am an example of this and keep my loaded carry handgun locked in my vehicle every day at school, completely within the law. The 911 call could have been legitimate, or it could have been someone trying to get the individual in trouble because of a personal reason, we really don’t know yet.
      Gun laws don’t trump common sense, you’re right, but IF the individual isn’t breaking the law there is no legal grounds to arrest them.

  • amazedatthenews

    Yeah there was probably something going on here. I’m all for the new law, it was a tremendous win that allows law abiding gun owners to protect themselves to and from a campus, but something doesn’t smell right with this story and if there was sufficient evidence to a crime about to occur them I think it could have been warranted. I guess more info would need to come out before we can make an educated decision.

    • GC

      I fully agree, we don’t know for sure and won’t know until we get more info. All I was pointing out is that since this is a recent law change it is possible that he was wrongfully arrested.

  • FaithC

    “Police received a 911 call saying someone was coming onto the campus with a weapon in their vehicle.”

    Guess it all depends if the person had the gun legally.

  • tater tot

    As a proud graduate of that fine institution he was probably either going deer hunting out of season or looking for his sister/girlfriend cuz she was a cheatn on him agin. yeeee haaaww

  • jo

    You can never take any weapon on school campus concealed or not. Each school campus has the sign posted outside as soon as someone pulls into a parking lot on school grounds.

    • Christian 1

      You are incorrect, since the law changed only private schools can prohibit a concealed carry permit holder from keeping their weapon locked in their vehicle. Go to the NCDOJ website and read the section under Concealed Carry Reciprocity.

  • Melanie

    I am a mother of a student at this school and according to the voice-mail from the principal late yesterday evening, the gun was not locked up in anywhere in the vehicle. Police found it fully loaded and under the seat. They have extra officers at the school today patrolling and a full investigation is under way but no more details at this time. I pray and would like to think the whole incident was innocent… maybe the guy had a loaded gun with him in that area for the purpose of hunting… but they have not said what type of gun it was and who exactly placed the 911 call?? Himself? Someone at the school? Someone who knew his intentions but not at the school? There is definitely more to this than what has been repoted thus far.

    • GC

      If the gun was loaded and under a seat it would have still been legal IF the car was locked and IF the individual had a CCW permit. Read the law.

  • Adam Z.

    Thank you “GC” for your insightful commentary on this. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said to this point, and you’ve saved me the trouble of having to personally explain the changes to NC law that took place last year :)

  • Paula Wright

    I have 2 sons at that a student athlete who would have been there then if not for a track meet at another school. I don’t care what the law is…I’m glad the 911 call came in and the school reacted first and asked questions later. Thank you to the staff and resource officer at Southern Guilford.

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