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Vortex ride victims planning $150M lawsuit

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WTVD-TV reported that several people were injured at the State Fair last October when a ride called the Vortex started unexpectedly as people were getting off of it.

Four people who claim they were injured are filing a lawsuit in Durham County.

Shaw University alum and major donor Willie Gary will represent them.

They are suing the owner of the Vortex, Family Attractions and Amusement, and Powers Great American Midways, which is the company that operates the fair for the state.

Anthony Gorham, his wife, Kisha, and their 14-year-old son were all hurt when they were thrown from the ride.

The ride operator and owner are each facing charges. Investigators said they tampered with the ride’s safety mechanisms.

A news conference is scheduled for Thursday.

Source: WTVD-TV

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