Preparing for long-term care

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KING, N.C. - After falling at home Elise Thomas, 78, knew she needed some extra hands.

"I have met so many angels since I've been here," said Thomas, who moved into Priddy Manor Assisted Living in King last month. "I wouldn't trade it for anything. [The staff] help me get up and down because I have neuropathy."

Around-the-clock care and peace of mind is what many families look for in senior living planning.

"We feel like we add a lot of value and a lot of life to the years of our residents," said March Maready with Ridge Care, a Triad company with retirement and assisted living communities throughout the Piedmont.

"We're not just talking about the physical needs we are talking about the social, the nutritional ... all those needs come together to provide peak wellness."

Paying for long-term care can range depending on one's needs. Nationally the average price is around $3,500 a month. Many families will pay from several sources including out of pocket, Medicaid and long-term care insurance.

"The younger you are when buying [insurance] and tying down your age, the better value," said Kim Ketchum with Ketchum and Company. He says a premium on long-term care insurance comes down to one's age, sex and just how much benefit you want.

Some may buy a policy with just enough to offset what a family can't pay out-of-pocket, but the key in getting the best price is starting early.

"It gives you peace of mind that you can afford top level, red carpet, quality care when the time is needed," said Ketchum.

Other federal benefits are available for war-time veterans and their spouses.

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  • Bigjohn

    More and more insurance. My mother had this type of insurance and they put so many restrictions on it that it turned out to be a waste of money like most insurance is anyway. The insurance industry is totally out of control and their rates on all types of insurance has gotten to high thanks to contributing to the right politicians.

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