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Mom, two others arrested for ‘whipping’ boy 50 times, posting video to Facebook

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DETROIT — A Michigan mother and two others have been charged with assaulting an 11-year-old boy and posting video of the incident on Facebook.

CBS Detroit is reporting Demitria Latrion Powell, the victim’s 28-year-old mother, Uteas Michelle Taylor, the boy’s 42-year-old godmother, and Stefon Tirrell Felton, the godmother’s 40-year-old boyfriend, were arraigned Tuesday on several child abuse charges.

Officers said they were made aware of the April 3 incident after someone watched the video on Facebook and contacted police.

Before the video was removed, it had been shared at least 9,000 times.

The 6-minute video apparently shows Taylor repeatedly whipping the boy with a belt and Powell striking him in his face.

“Throughout the beating, the adults admonished the child for his behavior and warnings were given that he not get involved with gang activity,” police said in a statement issued to the media. “Near the end of the video, the child was in obvious pain and he was squirming while being struck and still forced to hold onto the arms of the chair.”

Police said they will also seek charges against anyone else that aided in abuse of the child.

Read more: CBS Detroit


  • irena

    this is soo sad how do you do this to a kid? The idiots behind this need to be beat and thrown under the prison!!! Lord please wraps your arms around this little guy and comfort him let him know everything is gonna be alright!

  • BadA$$

    Its people like this who deserve to get a beat down by a group of folks in the city streets and all have it legally done.

  • D. Breaux

    Because you were whipped like this kid by your mom growing up, this should have given you the reason not to do it to yours. You should have broken the mold, or just plainly not have kids. If I were the judge and you came through my court, you would not see daylight for a long, long time.

  • Cecil

    You can watch the Video on Worldstar. The boy had been acting like a “gangster” or so the mom says on the video. I do believe in discipline and spankings. But when my husband and I watched the video on Monday he knew they would be going to jail.

  • Mike

    Personally, I agree with whooping children. Not to the extent of which this is played out to be. I haven’t seen the video, but reading the news, which I hate the news as well, I disagree with how far they took it. I was whooped as a child and Im fine, I know this world is making it not okay to discipline kids, but seriously, Yo cant judge a whole, from the bias of a few.

  • Ronald Campbell

    I was the one who contacted thrle flint michigan police ive got the email still that I sent

  • Hazel Wilcox

    Spare the rod spil the child. Although I know there is a difference between corporal punishment and abuse, we should not judge the mother for trying to keep her child from jail or hellby being involved with gang activity, we should judge her forward to my crossing the line to abuse the child;which will encourage him to continue his behavior,

  • Andrew Sanchez

    Now a days society has gotten weaker. This is not abuse. If this kid would have grown up in a gang, done a drive by and killed an innocent person, people would say “someone should have beat him when he was young”. Everyone wants to claim that discipline is abuse but look at all the school shootings and stabbing being done by kids. I would rather spank my son with a belt than have him shooting someone.

  • thatsmessedup

    With parents like these, no wonder he’s into gang activity. I would too. I’d leave and never look back

  • lets be real

    The whole time watching the disturbing video! I couldn’t help but think, he’s not the gangster! The adults are the “gangsters” all that “thug” talk to an eleven year old! I wonder where he learned it from! It makes me sick the way all three adults got gratification from it! For those who don’t know what a beating means…..(an act to punish a person or thing)!

  • ALD78

    Oh look, she’s black. Shocker.

    Someone needs to whip those jerks 50+ times and see how they like it. Absolutely sickening. She should be forced to be sterilized and never be allowed to see her kids again.

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