Grimsley students create videos to show dangers of distracted driving

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Despite knowing the dangers of distracted driving, it is still happening.

Now, the Greensboro Police Department and high school students are teaming up for a campaign called “A Message 2 Die 4.”

On Friday, first responders will recreate an accident scene at Grimsley High School to show students the realistic consequences of texting and driving.

Daryl Reynolds knows distracted driving can be deadly. "I miss my babies, both of them," says Daryl Reynolds, who lost both of his sons to a distracted driver.

Daryl was 15 and Isaiah was 11. The brothers were killed on Mother's Day of 2010. A distracted semi-truck driver slammed into their car on Interstate 40 in Greensboro.

"We are left here to suffer the consequences of someone else’s decision," explains Reynolds.

Theater students at Grimsley High School have been working on four short videos to show the rest of their school just how serious texting and driving is.

"I just want people to understand it doesn't only affect you, it affects other people as well," said Iyona Thomas, a senior at Grimsley.

The videos will be part of the Greensboro Police Department's presentation on Friday.

More than 400 students are expected to attend.


  • FaithC

    How horrible to lose a child, much less two.

    Driving on 40 not long ago, a car drifted into my lane, I blew my horn, he moved back into his lane, then he drifted into the right hand lane, that person blew their horn. The man drifted back into his lane. This went on in heavy rush hour traffic. I finally passed him…he was texting. People blowing their horns at him, drifting into others lanes and yet he continued to text.

    These fools think they are the one person who can text and drive and laws and common sense do not apply to them.

    • FaithC

      …and no I don’t text and drive. I never have. I find it hard enough texting standing in my kitchen. I don’t understand how anybody thinks they can do it and drive a car.

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