Gas prices jump 15 cents in North Carolina

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Gas prices are on the rise across the state.

AAA Carolinas says the average price of gas in the state has jumped 15 cents in the last month from $3.38 on March 8 to $3.53 on Tuesday.

But there is some good news.

AAA predicts gas prices won’t climb as high as they did last year at their peak.

Prices typically climb in the early spring as refineries do seasonal maintenance to prepare for the summer driving season, and the switch to summer fuel blends.

Last spring, North Carolina’s average price peaked at $3.80. Right now, the average price of gallon around the state is $3.52.


  • thegreatspirit13

    too many people drive around that’s why. Though really they are at the peak of their prices, Tesla motors just being in business is killing the oil companies as we speak, the price will go back down, I’m not going to predict because I don’t believe in predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop to 2 bucks a gallon in the neat future.

    • dewey

      Tesla is gonna have to sell a buttload more cars to hurt big oil….and @100K a piece, they aren’t flying off the lot. Besides, gas is never going back below $3 a gallon….the market has shown that it’ll support that price

  • PoliticiansAreCorrupt

    Just another way the government and all the other chumps ruin the economy…..they need to keep this type of stuff in the US and not have to buy from overseas to run cars in the US which warrants inflation. Thank your state senators and government for all of this, not some BS company. Politics will only drain your bank account and nickel and dime you as much as they can while they all get free stuff and drive around in their company cars and write off everything they have to get even more back from the tax paying citizens. Its all a bunch of cat and mouse games and as long as politicians and the white house gets their pockets packed, we are forced to pay for it until the corruption is found in a leak. Why do you think Snowden was a wanted man??? Because he leaked sensitive info that was a huge cover to how the government is corrupt and cheats and steals from every tax paying citizen!

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