Family dog tortured, shot several times and dragged behind ATV

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GERMANTON, N.C. – A Forsyth County family is mourning the loss of their dog after they found their pet dead after he was apparently tortured to death over the weekend.

While out of town, Caudle's son-in-law found Scotty in the backyard Saturday evening. The 4-year-old dog had been beaten, shot several times and dragged behind a possible ATV.

Caudle showed WGHP a graphic photo of the dog with a large bullet wound in his stomach.

Caudle had been taking care of Scotty since her parents moved into assisted living.

"He always greeted you at your car door," said Joy Caudle who was taking care of her parents’ Australian Sheppard, named Scotty. "Such a loving, caring dog."

Caudle says the family doesn't have enemies and whoever did it had to enter their property. She said Scotty would never leave the yard.

"I can't image what goes through somebody's mind. Why would you do this?" Caudle said.

The loss is tough for the entire family, especially Caudle's granddaughters who enjoyed playing with Scotty.

"It just hurts our heart we just want justice for Scotty," Caudle said.

The family is offering a reward for information that could lead to an arrest.

Anyone with any information can call the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department or Forsyth County Animal Control.


    • Lynn Black

      Animals r so loving and defenseless.Some sick hunans need a reminder thst willknock their socks off.

  • Thomas Christopher

    This isn’t the first dog-dragging incident in Stokes County in recent years. Maybe the authorities should look there first. I don’t agree with Shariah Law, but at times some deserve the same punishment for the crime that they commit-eye for an eye.

    • anom

      You’re right Justice for Benny, the two THUGGS have been dodging court for months.
      So sorry for Scotty and the families loss. May Scotty run free of pain @ Rainbow Bridge.


    • Fay Thacker

      If there’s a law that will put animal abuseres in prison for 15 years I’m all for it,,,I’m not for a law that let’s them free I’m not for a law that just says ok,,don’t do it again and you can’t own an animal ever,,,that’s bs,,,people need to receive what they hand out,,,to people or to animals,,,,,if the laws were harsher and inforced there wouldn’t be so many babies hurt like this,,,,,

      • anom

        SUZIE”S LAW….I dont know that it has ever been enforced….that would be our JUDGES NEED TO USE THE LAW!!!!

    • Triple Aught

      So, you are saying that there are more dog draggers per square mile in Stokes County than in Forsyth County…?

      I understand that this story motivates people to comment,
      but that was a doosie.

      This was done by someone who desperately needs mental health help. Only a very sick person would do something like this.

  • Mildly Amused

    People who abuse animals are just as sick as the people who abuse other human beings – perhaps even worse as the animals are helpless. I hope the person(s) responsible are found and doled punishment fitting of the crime. Oh wait! I forgot our judicial system can’t possibly do this since our laws don’t support what this person truly deserves. Sigh. Perhaps a little karma will come their way? My deepest sympathies to the family.

    • T

      B, Okay let’s not be a coward and by not put your name on here and then try to blame it on the boyfriend because he didn’t kill his dog. Maybe you should read and look at the story again. You don’t know him or our family so please stop assuming stuff that you don’t know about.


  • B

    B, what an asinine idiotic troll you are,,,,”the boyfriend did it”

    Maybe your boyfriend will come along and do you the same way……

  • E

    Maybe you should re think your comment. If you are brave enough to post something like this, you should be brave enough to state your name, because obviously you know our family on a personal level.


  • Alicia Tilley

    To the ignorant person who said “the boyfriend did it”.. you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you have any information as to what ACTUALLY happened, then by all means proceed. Until then, keep your comments to yourself.


  • Sniper762mm

    Just goes to prove that some people are only alive today, because it is against the law to kill them. This society needs a total purging of the trash, thugs, perverts, and criminals. The world would then be a much better and safer place.

  • Amy

    I am lost for words.This is so sad.I hope they find the person(s) who did this.And to “B” if you know any info.and don’t go the authorities,then you can get in as much trouble has the ones who did do it for withholding info if you know any.My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.And for the one(s) who did this,my God have mercy on your soul!!

  • Apryle

    I have just about been to every court case there has been for Benny and im sure no justice will be done there. It takes all ive got to keep my mouth shut when i see these two men walk around the court house like nothing no remorse no care at all, i agree who ever did this to this poor fur baby needs to be treated the same way and see how it feels. The law even with suzys law in place is still not enough to punsh these people but god bless suzys law because then nothing would probably happen at all if it werent in place. I hope all these people burn in hell for what they have done. There needs to be more strict laws in place for animal cruelty, i agree and eye for an eye but that will never happen in this world unless someone takes the law into there own hands. And if this was done to one of my dogs id be put under the prison because id make them suffer more then my dog did, saying that im not a violent person but if someone pushes me they might see a side of me no ones ever seen

    • anom

      Apryle…keep up the good work trying to get these two THUGGS for doing such a thing to Benny. I know it’s a game to them postponing hoping you’ll give up… and hold the JUDGE responsible if he let’s them GO!!! Thanks

  • fred

    I would like to add some money to the reward.
    But I don’t know how to get in touch with these people.
    I would like a mailing address.

  • Donnie

    People that do something like this are the same people that beat defensless children and others. They start with animals and end up with people, always the ones that cannot defend themselves. Trying to make themselves feel big, bad, strong and important while those are the scum of the earth.

  • Kathy Baker

    I think it is a serial killer to be. What other type of mind set would do this? How many more animals have come to the same fate as this dog? When will this monster reach that point of stepping up that level and turn to people. He hasn’t figured out his knich yet. What he’s more comfortable doing. When he does people watch out.

  • Shannon

    There is a special place in hell for people who harm children and animals. How in the world someone finds enjoyment in harming an innocent child or animal is beyond me. The karma bus will catch up soon enough, I hope it hits whoever did this hard and then backs over them again just for good measure.

  • iluvpugs

    why?? a poor helpless dog? If they think this makes them look tough – they are wrong – they are just sick cowards that deserve to be punished even past the furthest extent of the law!!!!!!! I pray they are found before another helpless dog suffers at their hands.

  • dobydog1

    who ever did this is a future serial killer. when they are found they need to be given like treatment. first shoot them in the feet, beat them up and then drag them behind a vehicle. next take out the knees and repeat, then the family jewels and repeat, then the kidneys and repeat, then the shoulders and finally the head.

  • Sheri

    RIP to this poor dog, and may those responsible be punished as severely as possible… Also — here is just another great reason NOT to leave your dog outside unattended… :(((

  • Sheila Burkeen Mullinax

    I hope you find the sick disgusting inhumane people that done this and they need to be held accountable for what they did to this precious dog. I just cannot believe than anyone could be so heartless but it appears we have a whole lot of those kinds of people anymore but if our JUSTICE SYSTEM would do there jobs and makes the laws with a whole lot STIFFER PUNISHMENT then maybe this would stop. These types of people have no respect for any kind of life and if nothing else they should have to do some kind of community service that would make them sick to there stomachs and never want to do this type of a crime again. My thoughts and prayers are with this family as they grieve for the loss of there dog/family member because when you are an animal lover they are not just a dog they are like family.

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