ACLU hopes to overturn same-sex marriage ban in NC

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Preliminary junction filed today in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is expected to announce a lawsuit Wednesday over North Carolina’s ban on same sex marriage.

The ACLU is expected to make an announcement at 2 p.m. Wednesday, in Greensboro.

In 2012 North Carolina became the 30th state to adopt a ban on gay marriage and since then federal courts have repeatedly chosen to strike down state bans on same sex marriage.

The ACLU plans to take legal steps in an effort to overturn North Carolina’s law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.


  • Jethro Bodink

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. That is the way God made us. Man and woman were made to reproduce, man and man or woman and woman can not do that. You don’t have to be the head cashier at Wal-Mart to figure it out.

  • JT

    It’s about time–Loving v. State of Virginia struck down anti-miscegenation laws over 50 years ago, so the legal precedent has already been set. Guess the south will HAVE to join the 20th century about 115 years later…

    • JT

      As you have a habit of missing the point, let me make this clear–the analogy is perfectly parallel, as we are talking about SECULAR laws, not what some 2000 year old mythology states. No one is challenging the law based on religion; the law is challenged on its secular constitutionality. Learn to reason.

  • lolly

    Why should the ENTIRE population (or state in this instance) abide by a religious belief when everyone’s religious beliefs are different? People have the right to practice their own beliefs and if being homosexual is their belief then so be it. This is AMERICA!! We cannot have everything our way all the time. If someone is homosexual it does not affect my life in the least. Why is it my business to may others have to live a lie just because it makes me uncomfortable. Everything cannot be based on religion. Morals and religion are TWO different things. We should all strive for good morals and the world will be a much better place. Religion is what has destroyed entire countries and generations. Religion destroys way more than it helps. Organized religion is a joke. Let’s all teach our children tolerance and good morals and see what happens. Let’s see what happens when we instill in them morals, character and compassion instead of hate based on a religious belief.

    • Mike

      So you’re cool with multiple party marriages right? 3,4, maybe 5 people all getting together and getting married. After all, it’s their life and none of your business right?

      • lolly

        No one was talking about polygamy Mike, that has nothing to do with this topic. . I see you’re streching for a comeback. Try again.

  • Jethro Bodink

    It’s time for Christians to stand up for God and for what they believe in. Stop standing by and letting everyone else control everything. This country and state are in the shape it’s in because Christians are letting everyone else walk all over them. STAND UP PEOPLE!!!

    • Diane

      You are right we are being attacked because we never stood up enough before on God’s laws. Ever need will bow with or without your belief in Him. Choose today to stand for God and His power. Men were and are not to marry men. Women are not to marry women. God loves the man but he hates us our sin. We all sin and come short of the glory of God.

    • lolly

      Very true Nicholas, I agree 100%. People can’t make up their mnds. They are all for the constitution when it suits their needs, but againist it when it doesn’t. Everyone is so caught up in the right to bear arms but won’t hear of separation of church and state. There is no consistency, just like in organized religion, there is no consistency. The beliefs are changed based on who believes what at any given time. Religion is what got the middle east into all it’s troubles. The same will happen to the USA if we don’t stop pushing religious beliefs on everyone.

  • Willie

    The bible says that man must abide by the laws of the land. That means no man may legally choose which laws should have compliance and which laws should not. Real Christians are law abiding citizens when it comes to all laws, even if the do not agree with certain laws. A true Christian loves all mankind no matter who they are, how they live or what side of the tracks they come from. Love nurtures, sustains, uplifts and empowers. Hate simply destroys and tear down everything god deems as good.

    • Jethro Bodink

      Well spoken Willie. I agree with what you say. People call themselves Christian but then go and live how they want to live. They don’t abide by the law, God’s law. I used to be the same way, go to church for an hour on Sunday and live like I wanted to the rest of the week. That is not how it should be and it is not how I am now. I used to be a lot of things, racist, alcoholic, curse like crazy. None of that now. God is AWESOME!!!

      • dewey

        just being a christian means you aren’t abiding by gods law….it took an apostle during a binge to come up with “the new covenant”…done because non-Jews (gentiles sermonized by the apostles) can’t follow Mosaic Law….and Moses spoke directly with god according to your stories

  • dlynnbird

    It would appear that TOLERANCE is not permitted towards those who are Christians and hold sincere beliefs. Those beliefs are actually the foundation of Western Civilization and its laws.

    Morality and tolerance? That would beg the question: What is the baseline for that? What YOU think? Suppose I think it’s okay to harm you in some way. THAT would be my benchmark. You say, “no.?” WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THAT? Judgemental of you.

    Judges now rule AGAINST the majority choice in favor of a tiny minority who are disruptive, bullying and discriminitory. They are the opposite of tolerant.

    Have you ever (do you ever read anything except these boards) read what the primary milestones to the fall of a society are? Sexual confusion is a primary marker.

    Have you ever stopped to THINK about what it is that homosexuals and lesbians DO (physically) that defines their “LOVE?” That their sexual appetites DEFINE them should be enough said.

    • Learnthelaw

      You do choose to harm people by treating them like they are sick individuals. Your last paragraph confirms that.
      Whatever these milestones you speak of I’d like to hear them.The milestones that lead to a better society are the ones that demolish bigotry and fear of others.
      Don’t be so sure that your ideals are the majority. Like all things outdated people like you slowly fade away.

      • JT

        What I think is most telling about his/her last paragraph is the tacit admission that he/she imagines what a homosexual couple does behind closed doors. No one does that with a hetero couple, lest you be thought a sexual deviant. But that is immediately where the poster goes when they see a homosexual couple. I just find that odd…

    • Bart

      “Judges now rule AGAINST the majority choice in favor of a tiny minority who are disruptive, bullying and discriminitory.”

      That is a ton of ignorance in one sentence. You might want to improve your faulty educational status and read “The Federalist”. In it you will learn that we are a representative republic. That means our representatives are supposed to have the integrity to defend any minority against any majority. Representatives these days don’t display much integrity so the judicial branch has had to take up their slack.

      To say that the gays are the ones bullying and discriminatory is a flat out lie. The religious have the right to practice their religion in their homes and religious institutions. They have no right to use their religion to treat others as lesser or inferior citizens with fewer rights to do the same things.

      Of course you are displaying the inferior intelligence of the average brain-washed Christian. You probably believe that many things mentioned in the Bible actually happened. There was no Garden of Eden, world-wide flood, Exodus, or fish that could carry a man and enough air to sustain him for three days. As a warrior I can assure you that the story of Samson is completely manure.

      You probably don’t even realize that the Bible’s treatment of gays disproves the existence of your god. What god would create a creature and then denote it a sinner for doing what comes natural for that creature? Your god is a screw-up? How could any animals be unclean if your god is perfect? Sounds kind of un-godlike to create creatures that are condemned just by being themselves.

      At least you can take heart that since your god doesn’t actually exist, he didn’t send she-bears to kill a bunch of children for making fun of an old man. That is just another fib as well…

    • dewey

      “It would appear that TOLERANCE is not permitted towards those who are Christians and hold sincere beliefs. Those beliefs are actually the foundation of Western Civilization and its laws.”

      ……western civilization was founded upon so much more than that….and yet can you not see how our “civilization” ain’t so civil? read “A Peoples History of The United States: 1492-Present”….and find out what this country was truly founded on

  • FaithC

    About time, I am with the ACLU. I am lucky and being straight I got to marry the person I love. I think all people should have them same right.

  • Donnie

    We citizens of North Carolina voted NO. Doesn’t that count. And why are the people running this cite not allowing my post on this. Doesn’t matter what religion or if none, we voted on this subject.

    • Chrissy

      No, because unfortunately it’s not about what we voted for. The gays didn’t get their way in NC so now they resort to BULLYING and hollering discrimination. It was voted on … that should have settled this once and for all. SMDH

      • sara

        Are you kidding me, if anyone is being bullied, it’s the gays!! Seriously?? They are expected to keep quite about their lives and their loves AND live a lie just so other people won’t feel uncomfortable. Spare me your BS. You need a serious reality check Chrissy!!

    • dewey

      your post contained certain “keywords” that automatically trash your post….it complicates the banter

    • dewey

      if you take their tax dollars, they deserve recognition… matter what they do, it looks great from my bedroom

  • dewey

    anybody ever ask why the bible never includes people from the other side of the world….who were there when they thought the earth was flat….

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