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19-year-old killed in single-vehicle crash in Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Authorities are investigating a fatal crash that killed a 19-year-old man in Thomasville Monday night.

Davidson County EMS said the call came in at 8:49 p.m. near Baptist Children’s Home Road and Lake Road.

Police say Aaron Scott Bean, 19, was driving a Honda Civic south on Baptist Children’s Home Road, went off the road to the right, spun around and stuck a utility pole.

The car flipped several times and Bean was ejected from the car. He died at the scene.

The Lexington Dispatch reported that Bean is a graduate of East Davidson High School.

The crash is under investigation.


  • Rob

    So many wrecks happen in this area mainly due to speeding, but the city of Thomasville and the Thomasville police department never do anything about it.

  • Ashley

    So tired of people assuming!! He was not drunk!! How about praying for his family instead of assuming!

  • Lindsay

    I don’t know this family or the situation but Regardless of why the accident happened, a young life is gone & I’m sure a family is devastated.
    If it was ur child, would it hurt less if they were drunk? NO!
    So leave rude comments alone and pray for this family!

  • Brittany Lambeth

    I am praying for the family I know exactly what they are going through I went through the same thing 3 yrs. ago with 2 of my family members 4 days apart in the same month. God is will be with yall just keep praying & God will help yall & walk yall through this. just keep yall head held high & pray.

  • JennP

    FOX 8 really needs to block some of theese heartless people leaving comments. Regardless of the stiuatuation, Praying for this family.

  • Idon'tgetthis

    The comment which I left earlier, which said “rude” “stupid” and “inappropriate” was in response to the man who immediately posted “DRUNK” as the first comment to the story. I stand by my original post, which was deleted for some reason. That person’s comment was Rude. Stupid. And Inappropriate. Not sure why Fox8 would have a problem with my saying so.

    • JennP

      Glad they deleted the others though, they were very inappropriate. And you are right, their comment was!!

  • mary

    You need to grow a heart and some compassion. You should be ashamed of yourself!! If it were your loved one,the circumstances would not help with the realization that he was gone. A young man is dead!! So sorry for this family.

  • Lisa

    This road is dark and curvy. Speeding is a huge factor in this area, but, so is wildlife. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man. May the lord bring them comfort and peace.

  • B

    Speeding is a huge factor on every road and that’s why people die. Stop speeding and wear a seat belt will help you live longer. Also, be respectful to your fellow drivers and don’t be a bully behind the wheel.

    • Daarlene

      Just wanted to let you know that he was wearing his seat belt. He always did. His seat broke and turned sideways toward the passenger side and he slipped out from under it.

    • Darlene

      As a member of his immediate family, just wanted to let you know that he was wearing his seat belt. Due to his seat breaking he slipped out from under it.

  • angie

    For the people saying 55 is too fast for that road. Not really but that night it was wet and most people have enough common sense to slow down in the rain. And if you arent comfortable going 55 on that rd then dont go that fast or stay off that road. I am truly sorry for the family suffering this loss but facts are facts and apparently I was taught to drive differently than most people.

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