NC immigration activists protest against deportations

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Dozens of people gathered in front of the Wake County Detention Center Saturday afternoon to protest against deportations. (Image: WTVD)

RALEIGH, N.C. — Dozens of people gathered in front of the Wake County Detention Center Saturday afternoon to protest against deportations.

WTVD-TV reported it was all part of a “National Day of Action” playing out in cities across the U.S.

The protestors are calling on President Barack Obama to place a freeze on deportations in the country.

The march ended at the Wake County Detention Center, where immigrants are detained before they are deported.

“He doesn’t need to wait for Congress to pass an immigrant reform. He can do it immediately,” said march organizer Nayley Perez-Huerta.

Immigration activists are calling on Obama to take a meaningful stand in the deportation debate and say he has the executive power to stop them from happening.

An organizer for the march says there have been massive amount of deportations in the south under Obama’s leadership.

“We’ve seen many of our families torn apart and his words are not enough anymore. We need to see actions,” Huerta said.

Last month, Obama asked a Homeland Security official to review enforcement practices to ease his administration’s rate of deportation. Almost two million people have been removed from the U.S. since he took office.

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  • Richard Nance

    Why didn’t the Feds do their Job & arrest all the Illegals they could find at the Protest plus how can you protest something & not even be a Citizen of that country, can you imagine what the Mexican Government would do if about a Thousand Americans went to Mexico & protested ANYTHING, yeah, that’s right they would be thrown in jail for years & rightfully so but here in this country a Illegal Criminal can do anything & not be deported but can stay on Welfare the rest of their life…..pretty soon North Carolina will have Millions of Mexicans here Murdering people, larceny, home invasions, child abuse, defrauding the government by receiving welfare, etc, etc, I say Deport all the Illegal Criminals & that means every single one of them unless they’ve been through the proper channels of being a US citizen….

    • JT

      Ja, und vie can habt ze secret polezei come und gibt zem ze Virgin of ze Guadalupe badge und zey habt to ver it im ze public zo alles of ze gut white Americanerin can identify zem on site. Und then vie can get ze trains rolling und send alles of ze scary braun folken to ze camp im ze undisclosed location, ja? Herr Nance, you are gut party member und clearly know how zis habt verked in ze past, ja?

  • Cecil

    Not everyone who is hispanic is “Mexican”. You’d be suprised to know that most hispanics don’t like Mexicans because of the bad name they give the hispanic community. However I do agree with you, what right do they have to come to our country illegally, and make demands? Not only are they disrespecting Americans but they are also disrespecting every hispanic that actually went ahead and studied and earned their citizenship.

  • Jason

    That was the perfect opportunity to arrest every illegal immigrant who was there protesting. I am all for deportation.

  • BB

    Dont understand why the Mexicans want rise up to their Goverment in their Country to make more jobs and benefits. They need to protest to there on Government, not ours.

  • David Hedgecock

    This sickens me. Where were the officers of the Law;;;that have taken a sworn oath to enforce lawbreaking especially when it’s occuring right in front of their eyes. But no, all they can do, is monitor the crowd to guard against any legal or nativer born American citizen poses a threat to these lawbreakers so as to ensure that these “Lawbreakers can protest peacefully without any fear or threat.” UN-bleeping-Believable” And to add insult to the injure, it’s our own Federal Government that has brought this plague upon our Nation; by their direliction of duty in failure to enforce our immigration laws. Thus, they coddled and condoned and thus encouraged more and more of these lawbreakers to come here. And the very statement that deportations are separating members of families in a nutshell shows they have zero respect for law. Because if they obeyed our laws in the first place all their family members would not be living illegally in our country: where they are sapping our own health and social service safety net. Folks, if this doesn’t change drastically soon, we will not be able to recogonize the USA in another 10 years;;;maybe sooner. I never thought I’d seriously consider migrating to another country, but I am now. I’m tired of the governments not doing what they’ve sworn an oath to do;; enforce laws.and then sending us the bills in the form of higher and higher taxes. This Political Correctness is killing our nation. I’m looking at Russia or Australia or even Switzerland. The country of Georgia looks very good in the South part. The days of our country being a beacon of light and freedom for the rest of the world is in our past and we are living in the last days of America as we know it.

  • Bigjohn

    How about having a part of becoming an American citizen be they must learn english, serve five years in the military defending the country they want to call home and have the right to protest as an American. No service, no citizenship! They need to be protesting in their own country to make it a better place for them to live so they have no need to come here. Thank you corporate America and all the others who use them for cheap labor.

    • mojorisin73

      Thank the corporate backed politicians like Bill Clinton(the one that people thought was so great) for signing NAFTA. Since it was signed, this problem has gotten worse and worse.

  • Nathan

    Mandatory military service for citizenship is a terrible idea!
    Also, if all you “what were the cops doing” folkz wanted to have an impact you should have gone to the protest and started an altercation.
    The police have no right to search you to verify your citizenship without due cause. Yeah, that’s one of those pesky constitutional rights you seem to want to ignore when its convenient.
    And, no I’m not a mexican or sympathetic to their cause. Just a guy unwilling to give up my rights for the sake of deportation.

  • dobydog1

    thought we needed immigration reform so that illegals do not have to hide in the dark. are major protests hiding in the dark? ICE needs to show up at these protests and send these criminals to prison and then deport them back to their home countries. if we can’t deport them then drop them at their countries embassies and then not allow them to leave the embassies. see how their countries like paying for them to be here.

  • sophie

    Don’t just gripe on this comment board. Contact your congress critters and let them know you want immigration laws enforced. Oh, and the Obama administration has greatly fudged the numbers on deportations – not nearly as many as being reported. Learn what YOU can do to stop the invasion at alipacdotus.

  • Arlene

    It amazes me when I see protestors on the news carrying signs that say “We are not criminals.” REALLY? The protestors who are illegal immigrants are in in violation of our immigration laws. They need to learn enough English to understand that a “crime” is something that is against the law and a “criminal” is someone who has committed a crime. Hence, when they violated our immigration laws and entered America illegally, they became criminals, even if they weren’t before. People, if you are in this country illegally, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!!!

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