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Guilford Co. residents still without food stamps

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Work will continue Saturday to address food stamps issues for Guilford County residents who have waited more than one month for money.

"There are more people who were never entered into the system than we anticipated," said Greg Bush, a spokesman for Guilford County's Department of Social Services.

A hotline was established Tuesday to help people like Matricia Williams. Williams said she's been waiting for issues to be resolved since applying for recertification before Christmas.

"They've had my case since Dec. 9. Why is it taking so long to process my case?" wonders Williams.

She called FOX8 News after hearing that a big backlog had been cleared yet her EBT account remained empty. Her food supply is running short as well.

"I don't have [anything] in my freezer but a bag of ice," said Williams.

She said without food stamp assistance she's not able to afford enough groceries to feed herself and her two sons who are 11 and 13 years old. Williams has a job but says her paycheck goes towards the bills. She's had to pick up extra shifts to afford food from the grocery store.

Bush said the best course of action for Williams and countless others is to reach out to Guilford County DSS through the hotline at 336-641-3100.

The county said even if you've left your information once or twice through voicemail, leaving details like your name, address, and the date of your recertification application, keep trying until you get a return call and your issue can be resolved.

Williams, though, is fed up with the Guilford County food stamps program and hopes going public with her story will prompt changes within the department.

"I don't think it's fair," said Williams. "I don't think it's fair to me or anybody else to have to sit and wait this long to get benefits."


  • justin

    I forgot those signs that said life IS fair…. where are they posted? Funny I get laughed at for trying to get emergency food stamps and have countless drs. Saying im disabled as I actually am. Other people can work yet they get them? I paid taxes for many years to just be told that the state just doesn’t hand out money… while laughing at me… a handicapped person. Then to be told by the head of the gov office that the real reason I cant get them is because im white.

    • dewey

      DSS must be totally colorblind as they have mistaken me for white…..I applied while I was homeless and in the middle of pneumonia, hadn’t had a job for 3 years and my L5/S1 was/is in 3 pieces… food stamps, no medicaid, NOTHING. When it came time to appeal, they tried to stick me in a room with this worthless individual named Anthony Stiller, he was the “appeals officer” for this region. Long story short, Stiller was such a tool from my first appeal, that his boss ended up listening to the tapes from the initial appeal and granting me some benefits……@ cristal….your boyfriends illegal sister???

      • cristal

        Yea she’s illegal. I’M not racist. My brother wife Is black and my husband is Hispanic but RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG!!! and for her to get help and not me is WRONG!!!! NOT TO MENTION DSS IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY FOREIGNERS!!!! SMH

  • Mark Stabler

    There are two problem associated with this food stamp problem. One, there is 1.6 million people in North Caroline receiving food stamps, and the number nationwide has doubled to 47 million in the past 4 years. Second, is Guilford County the only one that can not process the applications in an orderly manner. I do not read of any other counties that continually stay behind in processing these applications? Maybe more changes than the Director need to be made.

  • cristal

    You have to be black or Hispanic (immigrants ) to get help!! Us white people struggle to get help.. it’s the truth!!! I tried getting Medicaid to get my eyes check…I dnt wrk and I was denied. My boyfriend ILLEGAL SISTER WITH 2 JOBS APPLYS AND IS APPROVED FOR MEDICAID!!! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT?!!?

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