Woman accused of hitting mother, child with car appears in court

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GRAHAM, N.C. -- Stormie Vancil was in Alamance County Court Wednesday for a first appearance in Graham.

Vancil is the woman accused of hitting a mother and baby with a car in Burlington Wednesday.

Police charged Vancil with DWI and Felony Serious Injury with a Vehicle.

Investigators said she hit Melissa Flynn, who was knocked off the hood of the car, and ran over Flynn's 10-month-old baby, Aubrey, who was in a stroller in the E.R. parking lot of Alamance Regional Medical Center.

According to a warrant FOX8 obtained Thursday, the "tires rolled over and on top of the infant's head causing severe injuries."

The warrant said the accident was unintentional.

In her first appearance Vancil asked the judge, "Is there any way I can ask for a bond reduction so I can make arrangements for my children? Cause my husband is also getting locked up."

Police said the husband's charges were an unrelated case.

Judge Kathryn Overby told Vancil she could make that request in a separate bond hearing Friday.

Judge Overby also explained the maximum possible sentence for DWI is three years. She said the maximum possible sentence for the Felony Injury charge was 59 months.

Assistant Burlington Police Chief Chris Verdeck said baby Aubrey was stable despite critical injuries. She was flown to UNC Hospital after the accident.


    • Jeep

      To all the people with negative comments mabey you should look down deep and see if you ever made a bad mistake mabey you should u# ur model morals to first pray for that lil baby aubry and her family because tjey were most affected by it. Then mabey there iabey enough goodness in you to pray for my drunken mom sister that mabey she will get the help she needs. And dont worry alamance county she will get what she deserves. My heart goes out to baby aubry and her family i dont understand how my sister could make such a horrible mistake im so sorry this has happend.

      • HUH!!

        Maybe you should learn how to spell maybe. Making a mistake is one thing, intentionally getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel is not a mistake it was a choice and a stupid choice that has changed three lives forever (two innocent victims and one not so innocent perp).

      • dewey

        I have made mistakes…fortunately, no one else was at risk of losing their life….even when I was a squad leader

  • Brian Vancil

    this is Brian vancil ,Stormie Vancils husband im NOT IN JAIL AND WILL I GO TO JAIL . if you have any questions for me please call me at (336)269-3402 i have a lot of information abot what has happen so please let me tell you what i know thank you Brian Vancil

    • gwen

      oh what model parents you both are! your wife hits a mother and baby while driving drunk and you have court dates for driving on a revoked AND hit and run among other things. neither one of you should have been driving a car. you two made that choice. that poor baby and mother didnt choose to be hit. CPS needs to take charge of your kids. maybe (or is that mabey) they can end up with people who would actually be GOOD role models for those children since both of their parents are going ti be in jail. BOTH OF YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    “Is there any way i can get a bond reduction so i can make arrangement s for my children.” Nevermind the fact i just drove a car over somebody else kid.Zero accountability!!!!

  • jacksonjerry5050


  • bella07

    She did not seem to care about arrangements for her kids when she was out driving drunk at 3;00 am and running over people. It was not a mistake. She knew what she was doing.Her bond needs to stay right where it is or if anything be raised!

  • al

    Yes she was in the wrong for driving under the influence, but have any of ypu thought maybe she had a purpose for being at the hospital at 3 am. Im sure it wasn’t just to drive around in the parking lot while under the influence. I am terribly sorry for the injuries to the child and mother due to her hitting them but you all do not know why she was there and neither do I. I do know that she isn’t a bad person yes she made a mistake that caused harm to otger people but her asking for a bond reduction to make arrangements for her kids was the right thing to do I hope she does get the reduction. Children being put in the system is never good and she has family that they should be able to stay with. Its not her children’s fault and they should not have to suffer more than they will already have to by losing their mother. You people are so judgemental and I can assure you your lives aren’t perfect!!!! Justice will be done and I am sure Stormie is aware of that

    • gwen

      None of us said we are perfect but we also haven’t made the choice to drive drunk (you yourself said in your 1st sentence that she was wrong for doing it) and run over a mother and her baby!

  • Amanda

    To the ones who are saying she should get a reduction and isn’t a bad person what would you be saying if it was you and your child that got hit and your baby laying in the hospital? You would be outraged at her even asking for a reduction! If she is so concerned about her kids she should not have gotten behind the wheel drunk!! It could have been her children in the car and she wrecked and killed them. What would you say to that oh she deserves a reduction I don’t think so! We know the family and it is a shame that precious baby is having to be in the hospital over her stupid choices. Her nor her husband need to have the children they have because next time it could be those kids getting hit or killed by them drinking and driving!

  • tiffany

    I hope they dont let her out of jail. I hope she rots in there to be honest with everyone. This little baby is fighting for her life and all she cares about is getting a bond reduction. Also for the dummy sake, the police and judge can check to see if she is telling the truth and if its a lie, I hope they get her for false information in front of the judge.

  • Johnnie Clark

    Lets all send our prayer and a speedy recovery too both Mother & Child. Now for Stormie, the choice was your when you knew that you had been drinking—The Two Don’t Mix. Those 7 years and 11 months ( that you might get ) is not hardly enough time. ‘Cause that baby, will never recover that head injury.

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