Therapy dog stolen from autistic boy in Connecticut

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CONNECTICUT –An autistic 11-year-old boy is devastated after his therapy dog was stolen from his aunt’s home in Connecticut.

The boy’s mother Haydee Peralta said her son’s therapy dog, an 8-pound Yorkie named Aimie, accidentally got out of her sister’s house in February.

Security cameras outside the home captured two women in a dark-colored Nissan Maxima snatching the dog, according to Peralta.

Peralta says her son was non-verbal until he got his beloved dog.

The mother says the dog was wearing her collar and tags at the time she disappeared.

Source: Connecticut News 12


    • Rich

      Why, Frank? Because folk’s hearts go out to kids, in this case especially a kid with autism, whose world largely revolves around his therapy dog, which gives him a higher quality of life; also, most rational people are against animal cruelty and mistreatment as well.

      Sorry that you needed to ask – would have thought it was obvious.

  • Will Grant

    The boy should have hopped in the car and chased the thief. He’s an excellent driver. He’s and excellent driver.

  • lorriegoose

    People will steal and sell anything for drug money.
    What goes around, comes around. They will pay sooner or later.

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