Teen kicked out of gym after manager says outfit was inappropriate

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WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A Michigan teenager said she was kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym for wearing a tank top.

WJBK reported that 17-year-old Allison Roth usually wears a t-shirt to the gym, but recently chose to wear the tank top instead.

Roth said she was approached by a female employee who told her another gym member complained about her attire. Roth said she was given the choice to change her shirt or leave.

The teenager said she cancelled her membership and left the gym. She said when she and her mom signed up they were not informed about a dress code.

Planet Fitness issued a statement to Fox 2, saying: “Planet Fitness locations are owned and operated by individual franchisees. We have been made aware of this incident and we are looking into the situation.”

"This obviously isn't a judgment free zone and I'd like to spend my money elsewhere," Roth said.

It’s not the first time the “judgment free zone” has been called into question.

A California woman recently quit her Planet Fitness membership 15 minutes into her first workout after staff members reportedly told her that her that her "toned body" was intimidating other members.

Source: WJBK


  • Liz puride

    Please today I was told that I could not wear a sports Bra needed to wear a T-Shirt . Told them in Danbury CT one I dont have a T-shirt when did they change the policy I have been wearing Sport Bras for 3 year the Norwalk CT Planet Fitness had no problem with it.

  • Harley Chapin

    I see nothing wrong with what she was wearing, the way I see it is, she is a teen and I give her kudos for going to a gym instead of going out with friends and getting into trouble. what better after school activity than going to a gym? I do agree she over reacted when asked to put a T shirt on, but it is her choice & I have seen many 17 yr old young ladies that dress WAY more provocative & inappropriately than what she was wearing – just take a look on facebook and see for yourself. I give her a thumbs up for at least trying to take care of herself and for going to a gym instead of a mall or out with friends to get into trouble

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