Kernersville police employee faces 314 charges of embezzlement

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — An employee with the Kernersville Police Department faces 314 charges of embezzlement after she allegedly stole money from the department’s evidence room.

Wendy Prescott Vance, 53, was charged with larceny on Jan. 30 after she allegedly stole around $9,800 from the Kernersville police evidence room while working as an evidence technician.

Police said the suspect was fired from her job on March 28 after they discovered the money missing on March 25. The money was removed from cases where it was classified as evidence, unclaimed money and/or recovered money.

On Wednesday, police said following an investigation, Vance now faces an additional 314 charges of embezzlement by public officer/trustees, access to government computer to defraud, obtaining property by false pretense and altering/stealing/destroying evidence.

Vance was arrested April 2 and given a $1 million secured bond. Her preliminary court date is set for April 17.

Authorities said the suspect was hired as a records clerk in 2004 and promoted to a property technician in 2007. Her annual salary was $39,391.


  • fred

    Vance was arrested April 2 and given a $1 million secured bond. Her preliminary court date is set for April 17.

    Run over a Mother and Child while driving drunk and get a $7,
    What is wrong with this picture?

  • dewey

    and yet no comments from FaithC on this old transsexual stealing from the KPD…..I guess she isn’t dark enough

  • Kristin

    What she did was wrong but a white collar crime at best. This is whats wrong with out judicial system. You lock up an old lady with a million dollar bond for stealing less than $10,000 from a police department. Actual violent crimanls like the Dupont pedifile or the kid that drug a police officer down a highway or the guy cooking meth and avaiding arrest or the girl who just ran over a mother and her child with a car drunk dribing….not a single one of those people had a bond over $30,000. What does that tell you? Justice isnt equal for all, it’s a joke at best.

    • dewey

      the initial arrest was for 9800…..the new 314 could involve anything including removing a firearm from evidence, not saying it is, just conjecture……her bond should be high as she was in the “public trust”….the others should have high or no bond

  • gogo77

    Yeah, like the KPD didn’t deserve this hahaha. I wish she would have stole all of it. KPD has one of the WORST records among police departments.

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