Jonathan Richardson sentenced to death for murder of Teghan Skiba

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — The jury has sentenced 4-year-old Teghan Skiba’s killer, Jonathan Richardson, to death, according to WTVD.

In July 2010, Teghan Skiba was admitted to the Johnston Medical Center by then-21-year-old Jonathan Richardson after he claimed she had fallen off the bed. However, doctors found she had cuts, bruises and bite marks on her body.

Skiba died days later. An autopsy revealed that the girl died from a blow to the head.

Richardson was found guilty of first-degree murder, felony child abuse, kidnapping, and sexual offense with a child on March 25.

In her closing arguments Thursday, Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle told jurors that Skiba suffered unimaginable pain in her final days. She lost over 70 percent of the blood in her body from all the wounds.

“The defendant bit Teghan all over her body over 60 times and she began to slip away,” said Doyle.

Richardson declined to address the court after the death sentence was read.

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  • john wilkes booth

    death by firing squad would be to lenient but death by tree torture would be awesome.

  • Cgm

    I agree with the death penalty. I wonder how many years and millions of taxpayer dollars will be wasted on him until it’s carried out. Smh

  • Daniel Mabe

    @Jangles, some of the comments sound disturbing? How does torturing and killing a little 4yr old helpless girl sound? He won’t feel a thing when and if they ever do kill this guy. But hopefully the news will get out in prison what he did he may not last long.

    • Jackie Chiarella

      Unfortunately he will not be put in with the general population, he will be separated from them to protect him from being beaten to death.Praying someone messes up his paper work and he goes into the general population.

  • FaithC

    After reading that article I feel sick. That poor child. If a dog bit someone 60 times it would be put down the next day…what are they waiting for with this scum.
    Throw him to a hungry wolf pack. Let him know what 60 bites feel like.

  • Queen Bee

    I think death is too easy for him. I would rather he live alone in a cell for the rest of his life. That poor, poor girl.

  • fred

    I hope he lives on death row until he is 90 years old.
    I don’t care how much it cost.
    Bring back the chain gangs like the nineteen twenty’s

  • collegenerd718

    Sounds like a lot of you get off at someome’s execution. I wonder if ya’ll,would feel the same way if this person killed thr way she was was around 30 years old.

  • Brenda Coble

    I’m sorry I just do not believe in the death penalty !!! Murder is Murder ! He should be locked up & never be released. He is insane, God knows he has to be for what he did to this precious child. I could never serve on the jury because that is where my beliefs lead me. God Bless the Family of this precious child.

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