This is why you never ignore crossing gates and try to ‘beat the train’

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HOUSTON, Texas — Houston Police released dramatic video that shows a METRO train colliding with an SUV last week.

The driver of the SUV tried to beat the train and drove around crossing gates, according to KHOU.

The train smashed into the vehicle, however everyone inside the SUV survived. Two adults and two children were taken to the hospital where they were treated and released.

The driver of the SUV, Raunel Arreola-Moreno, was cited for running a red light and driving around the crossing gates.

No one on the train was injured.

Source: KHOU


    • Jeremy

      Quit being ridiculous and don’t write in capital letters, it makes you seem immature.

      While it might be nice to have statutory punishments in this case, it remains the case that no one was seriously injured. Jailing this driver for a month is only going to cause unneeded trouble for his family. Fining him would be more appropriate. Additionally, in our society, cars are the only effective to get to work and other places and back home efficiently. It’s not the early 1900s anymore, we need cars and unless the driver actually caused someone death or serious injury there is no good reason to revoke their license for a year or more. Not even DUIs. A revocation of up to 6 months is probably more than adequate if you wish to engage in that sort of punishment for cases of non-lethal breaking of driving laws.

      Besides, the train company can probably sue him for damage caused to the train and individuals might be able to sue him for endangerment. There’s no reason for the government to be excessively harsh.

      • Jeremy

        Oh, yes, so sexist. Shall I just leave a blank, perhaps a weird looking block or should I use their and offend anyone who knows what gender the driver is? The text under the video does not indicate a gender, so I have to assume one unless I’m going to write their everywhere. Thanks for being an example of the useless person that just has to find some stupid little technical detail to complain about.

        Well, look at the obnoxious, presumptive idiot. I wouldn’t beat the train and it’s wrong of you to assume that I would. Of course, you’re probably just an internet troll so why should I care?

  • Debbie

    Wow. That looks like the same SUV that crossed a few seconds before. Looks like the driver crossed and turned around and went back through?? Intentional maybe? Either way, especially with kids in the car, this was incredible stupid and selfish. A lot of folks could have been hurt or killed. Glad no one was. Maybe they should look at additional charges for the driver.

  • FaithC

    It does look as though he made a U-turn and went back through the gates.
    Stupid does not even begin to describe this. He needs to be charged with endangering the live of a minor.

    • chucky1992

      On that, I could agree. It almost looked like he turned around just to play chicken with the train.

    • Rick

      I am only commenting on this to make sure that you know how to spell “idiot”. Spell check prevents embarrassing moments such as these.

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