Man used candy to try to lure teen into van, police say

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GASTONIA, N.C. — Police say a man tried to lure a child into his van Tuesday afternoon with candy.

According to WSOC, the 14-year-old girl was shaking and could barely talk when she knocked on a neighbor’s door for help.

The neighbor, Joe Buckley, told WSOC that the van followed the school bus down West Poplar Street and stopped when the bus stopped near the girl’s home.

He was wearing a mask and dark gloves.

The girl said the men held out a purple bowl full of candy and offered it to her. Police believe he was trying to lure her into his vehicle.

She immediately turned around and ran, and saw him drive off in a hurry.

Police say the girl could tell the man was a white male and that he was driving a black or dark blue Chevy Silverado with some gray mixed in. There was a work ladder attached to the back of the truck.

Source: WSOC


      • MeHereNow

        “The neighbor, Joe Buckley, told WSOC that the van followed the school bus down West Poplar Street and stopped when the bus stopped near the girl’s home.”

        It is confusing isn’t it?

  • David Hedgecock

    Next time, he’ll move up to having his arm or leg in a cast and/ or be on crutches. These perverts are ‘quick studies’ The candy bowl used on a 14 year old girl;;seems kinda stupid;;;most anyone can see that con a mile away;;unless the target was mentally handicapped. These people are desperate and their evil lust propels them on to new efforts to ensnare their prey. There are reasons why he targeted this particular girl. You can bet he’s been canvassing her;;and/or casing her for sometime;;;She had better be careful and very aware. He might try again. Evil doesn’t sleep or take a holiday.

    • dewey

      goin on what knowledge I have about 14 year old girls, which is little as I can’t stand to hear a group of them talk….an iphone would have had more of an enticing effect than a bowl of candy

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