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High Point family with ties to Chile worries about bigger earthquake

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- With every earthquake in Chile, one High Point family braces for the worst.

"You never know if it will be the final one, the big one, that's going to release all that pressure that's been building up for the last 150 years," said German Castellanos.

He and his wife along with their two kids have called High Point home for more than 10 years. They still have family in the central part of Chile, hundreds of miles away from the epicenter of Tuesday’s 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

The Castellanos said their family is okay. They know that because of social media updates that worked despite downed power and phone lines in parts of the country due to the earthquake.
Even far away from the epicenter there is still some danger that aftershocks could bring another big quake.

"I am afraid of that because I was checking the news and there is still a lot of energy under the plates," said Victoria Castellanos. "They are expecting a big one still, a bigger one than this one."

In the hours after the quake, leaders also worried about a tsunami. A previous earthquake in 2010 killed hundreds of people, many who were unaware that a tsunami was headed their way.

"That was the biggest problem last time we had a big earthquake in the central area of Chile and the tsunami took a lot of people by surprise," said German Castellanos.

Close to one million people living along the Chilean coast were evacuated because of the tsunami danger. They have since returned home.

The Castellanos will continue to monitor the recovery effort after such a big quake and hope that a bigger one is not around the corner.