Woman charged with DWI goes into labor in court

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GASTONIA, N.C. — A Gastonia woman accused of impaired driving while she was pregnant, went into labor during her court appearance.

Mandy Bradley left the courthouse on a stretcher Monday.

It appeared her water broke while she was waiting for her case to be called, according to WSOC.

Officers said she had slurred speech and droopy eyes during a traffic stop in September.

They charged her with DWI and possession of heroin.

It was reported that she has another pending DWI.

Source: WSOC


  • comeonnow

    what a wonderful mother to be…….POS they should take the baby away when she gives birth. has no right to be a mother or parenting ability

    • Charlcie

      They probably will…most hospital administer drug tests to newborns..and if positive that child will not be leaving with the mother.

  • Angel Curtis

    How about trying to help the mother be a better mother/person…keep a close watch on her and do check ups on her and baby…you don’t know what she is going through …My mother was drunk the night I was born…they even took her out on a stretcher from the bar….she was offered help and accepted it and became an awesome mom and quit drinking …she was going through a divorce at the time fighting for custody of her children and her military career went out the window due to a injury that disabled her(honorable)…you just don’t know…so at least offer her help first…she may just take it and become the best mom ever.

  • Mark Stabler

    They have closed all the orphanages and made the cost of adoption so high most can’t afford it. They provide piles of money for those that have babies that can not afford them and don’t look after them. They get tax refunds in excess of the amount they paid in..if in fact that paid any. These kids have very little chance in the world to make something of themselves. Hats off to those that do and there are some. 50 million on food stamps. What are we doing to create jobs and making sure that able bodied individuals feel them rather than draw more and more free from the government? Nothing.

  • Julie

    Angel, just wanted to say that I’m glad your mom turned out to be great. I guess bc of my past life experiences, I have become jaded, cynical. I hope that when I’m feeling cynical- let’s face it, judgemental- I remember your story & not be an asshat. Thank you.

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