The best of April Fools’ Day 2014

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April Fools’ Day 2014 has arrived. Hundreds of companies are posting their best pranks. We have compiled a list of our favorites:

phpgq2a4mThe Ocado 42-inch “sLablet”
Online food retailer Ocado says they are rolling out the world’s largest tablet, dubbed the “sLablet.”

“The market for tablets of this size is literally massive. Precision-engineered and weighing in at a svelte 35,000 grams, the sLablet has been designed with every consumer in mind, from David Haye to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,” said Neil Simmons, vice president of Ocado technology’s quadro-fabricated division.

The press release for the sLablet says, “Its next generation 12-megapixel, HD camera features image stabilization so muscle spasms induced by holding the sLablet don’t ruin users’ selfies.”

BMW ZZZ Series
From the makers of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” now comes “The Ultimate Sleeping Machine” — the BMW ZZZ Series. “A fusion of German engineering and advanced technology means your baby will sleep better, for longer, in safety and comfort,” the ZZZ Series website states.

Gmail’s ‘Shelfie’
The Gmail “Shelfie” is the SHareable sELFIE. “Gmail Shelfie is built on the idea that you shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie. With just a few clicks, your mom, your aunt, or that girl you have a crush on can set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme so they can enjoy checking, reading, and writing emails while seeing your friendly face in the background,” The Official Gmail Blog says.

Lowes Foods’ website
On April 1, Lowes placed several personal ads from “lonely sausages” looking for their perfect match on April Fools’ Day. Each ad is written on behalf of an actual sausage flavor available at Lowes Foods’ SausageWorks counter.


Google’s ‘Pokémon Challenge’
The first big April Fools’ prank of the year, Google introduced their ‘Pokémon Challenge,’ an augmented reality game that lets you catch Pokémon characters within Google Maps. Read more here. from TAGG, a GPS-enabled wearable collar for pets is the first match-making dating/love website for your dog and you can match by location, breed, sex etc. just like a normal dating website for humans.

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