Signs posted in Louisiana neighborhood threaten to poison roaming pets

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LOUISIANA -- Pet owners in Louisiana are concerned after a sign was posted in their neighborhood threatening to poison animals.

According to KPLC, the sign was recently posted by a homeowner near a stop sign on Clifford Felice Road in Ragley warning residents to "contain your animals" and threatening to poison trash to prevent those animals from digging through her garbage.

The message caused an outrage among neighbors and even received a written response underneath the original sign saying "We in the country love our animals. The raccoons, possums and other wildlife can't read your hateful sign."

Several neighbors who own dogs and cats, says the sign was insensitive and believes animal cruelty is not a joke.

The Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office works in connection with animal control and says poisoning trash is not recommended to help animals stay away from trash cans.

The neighbor responsible for posting the sign told KPLC she did not poison her trash and claims she was simply aggravated.

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  • Thomas Christopher

    As a pet owner and animal shelter volunteer, I can understand this homeowner’s frustration. It is sad that one must resort to such extreme tactics, but then again, why should they likewise have to pay for the neglect and irresponsibility of pet owners who cannot adhere to leash laws, will not spay/neuter pets, or who dump off their unwanted pets? Unfortunately, I live in an area of town that is notorious for stray cats that have been dumped off my previous owners or who are breeding like crazy; as a result, I am constantly running off strays to keep them from eating the birds that I feed on a daily basis. My suggestion is if we are going to have background checks for basic civil rights as gun ownership, then we should likewise have such checks for those who want the privilege of owning and caring for animals.

    • Scarfoot

      You are missing the point that there are other animals in the country other than cats and dogs that can get in your trash. Raccoon, opossum, and many other larger wild life can get in your trash. The easiest solution is to put your trash in an appropriate bin and make sure the lid is on tight. I used to bungee cord my trash cans so wild life (other than something really large) could not get in the bins. As a home owner in the country, there is still a certain amount of responsibility to ensure the wild life is safe and we are not a threat to their existence.

    • walter

      Trash(people who care about nothing!) would still get past background checks, America has low standards. Education would be the best bet. Aim for the kids. Try to prevent the mistreatment and lack of responsibility of animals. Ban all puppy mills!! We need to make people care again! Have to say though, I only see cats eating out of the trash after a bigger animal has knocked it over, usually a wild animal. This guys an idiot if he thinks its all cats & dogs knocking them over. I’ve never seen anyone this upset over cleaning up a bit of trash. High winds are way worse to trash cans.

    • tamara

      I agree with having background checks. In fact, I had to get one done to adopt my cats back in college, and they were thorough–calling my landlord, references, employer, etc. It was a rescue place for cats who had come from abusive/troubled situations, and they were very protective to make sure they found a good home the next time around.

  • comeonnow

    You are an IDIOT. Background check to own an animal……WHATEVER STUPID. That has to be the most ignorant thing i have heard in a long time.

    • Allen

      I agree with having background checks for pet owners. Maybe we could cut down on the puppy mills and on the irresponsible pet owners. I think we should also have background checks for parents. There are some people who should not be allowed to reproduce.

      • Poetic Justice

        While we are having background checks to own animals and have kids, why not just do like China and implement a one child policy and penalize the parents for having more than one by murdering innocent babies in the womb or immediately after birth. Oh wait, this is America and the government can’t do that to us here, at least not yet anyway.

  • 2Cents

    That sign isn’t posted in one of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family’s neighborhood is it? They are from Louisiana. Go Robertson clan!

    Help control the pet poplulation…..shoot a duck!

    • 2Cents

      Well, lets see. Duck Dynasty family is from Louisiana, and this sign is in Louisiana. Duck Dynasty family are known for their strange approach to dealing with wild animals, and this sign is saying it will start poisoning all irritating animals. I made the humorus connections between the story and Duck Dynasty and you got lost half way around the track.

      hmmmmmm. ok.

  • linda bristol

    I would rather pick up my trash thats all over the place , than risk killing an animal !!! LOSER

      • jannn

        Your comments make no sense. You must be a troll. No one is asking garbage workers to pick up the trash but the owners of the cans. Like one commenter said put bungee cords on the can to seal the lid. Too many Americans are lazy.

    • GC

      I would rather go ahead and selectively shoot the animal(s) that are causing problems on my property. That way I get rid of the nuisance without harming the animals that had nothing to do with it.

  • pat

    The only animals who knock down my trash can are raccoons. It can be annoying, but its really not a big deal to me. It takes seconds to turn it upright & put everything back in. No animal should suffer because this guy is lazy & thinks a few seconds cleaning up is a big deal. Most wildlife was here first anyway & humans come in & take over, kill their habitat. What else are they going to do for food! Plus, other animals who come sniffing around after the garbage has been spilled shouldn’t suffer either!!

  • mara

    I thought about putting poison out in my yard, but didn’t. The neighbor’s cat used my strawberry bed and small garden as his toilet. I gave up the strawberries and started planting my tomatoes in a container. He then used that.

  • Katrina Wogoman

    Maybe people should just CONTAIN THEIR ANIMALS. Country or not, they are irresponsible owners. Don’t let them loose! I live in the country too, I have livestock and it only takes one bad owner for me to lose thousands of dollars and years of hard work and dedication. Will I shoot a dog on my property if I think it’s going to harm my animals. HELL YEAH, and I have told the dog owners in my area that too. Amazingly, after I said it, dogs stopped trying to eat my livestock.

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