SC kindergartner victim of cyber bullying after ‘Honey Boo Boo at Walmart’ photo posted online

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SOUTH CAROLINA — A South Carolina family is outraged and looking for answers after they say their kindergartner became the victim of cyber bullying.

The family says it all started at the Seneca, S.C. Walmart, when the young girl’s picture was snapped by another customer.

They say the man then posted it online to social media as a joke.



That picture is now being shared throughout the community.

It was posted unedited, showing a clear view of the 6-year-old’s face with the words “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart.”

“I was very shocked to see it’s my cousin,” said family member Briana Smith. “He wants to put a kid that’s six years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that’s not right.”

Family says seeing the likes, reading the comments on the poster’s page makes it worse. They say, this is a joke they don’t find funny at all.

They said the little girl is dealing with health issues related to her weight and now feels very uncomfortable.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big,” said Smith.

Oconee School Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas confirmed that Walhalla High School Assistant Principal Charlie Fowler is on administrative leave while personnel issues are being looked into.

The community is rallying around the little girl, penning an online petition. On it, is a letter to the school district and the Walhalla High School principal, asking them to terminate Fowler.

According to FOX Carolina, even Fowler’s son signed the petition, calling his father’s actions “unacceptable.” His daughter, a teacher herself, scolded him in a comment on his original post.

That post has since been removed and Fowler’s Facebook page, made private.

Source: CNN/FOX Carolina


  • dewey

    “Family says seeing the likes, reading the comments on the poster’s page makes it worse. They say, this is a joke they don’t find funny at all.”
    …..stop looking. A Facebook page is a privilege, not a right…..personally, I wish it would close, or at least require a picture ID and credit card number to get a Facebook account….but then the adults are just as bad as the kids. Facebook, where grown-ups come to act like kids

    • dewey

      you’re right, kids should be off-limits, but then you have parents who put their kids “out there” all the time….it’s the way our society has become, not saying it’s right, but this is what reality TV has brought us.

      Remember when it was just the kids who were “cruel”….parents these days are just as bad…they bicker, fight and have more drama than a high school teenager

  • T

    “At this time, FOX Carolina is not revealing the name of the man who’s accused of taking the picture because he’s not been charged or accused of any crime.”

    Well duh, his name is Charlie Fowler…His name is circled in red TWICE.

  • B

    Honey boo boo and family gets paid a lot of money to be made fun of on their reality show. This little girl is cute and the only reason it’s funny is because she was compared to Honey Boo Boo. It’s a funny reality show just like if I or anyone else looked like Jerry Lewis or any other celebrity.

  • Christopher Lee

    The man that made these disparaging remarks is an assistant principal!!!??? This is everything that is wrong in our schools nowadays, kids being taught to respect others by people who don’t respect themselves. I pray that little girl soon realizes that she is her own kind of special, God made us all unique. I hope Charlie Fowler gets a good dose of karma for this evilness, because one other thing I DO know is that God doesn’t like ugly and that man’s heart and soul couldn’t be anything but black to allow him to do such a ill-intentioned thing to an innocent child.

    • justin

      Really a gyy calling a child fat is what’s wrong? Not the lack of health classes or physical education and after school sports that are cut to save money yet wonder why kids are getting preggo at a youb age or wonder why childhood obesity is so bad. Its not the lack of funding to provide kids with tools for success? No youre right its people like this… not the peolle who want to blame others for their problems… please grow up. This is far from the problem.

      • Jaime

        In her case, she has a serious health issue that is leading to excessive weight gain….so what if anything is a parent supposed to do about that other than continued treatment under the care of a doctor. The point is, a grown ass man who is involved in molding the young minds of children should know better than this

  • 2Cents

    I wish they would just shut Facebook down. More and more you see headlines of cyber bullying, threats, online admissions, and several other things. I doubt that was the intended use of Facebook when it was designed. But like everything else, it has gotten way out of hand. It is beyond regulating or controlling the content at this point. Just shut it down.

  • Valerie Beverly

    For someone who works with children to do something like that !!!! U have no place with children but WHY would anyone show that child what was posted THATS NOT GOOD PARENTING. In my opinion whoever showed the child is just as bad as the scum who posted it

    • dewey

      I actually find it more likely from someone who works with children….today, I can’t understand how ANY teacher/administrator can do 20 years with these last 2 or 3 generations of kids

  • Steve

    Maybe you should put her on a diet if she is having health issues and is being picked on then perhaps the issue starts at home, as is the case with most young children.

    • dewey

      all childhood obesity starts at home, usually as a way to soothe the child…then it turns into macaroni & cheese 3 times a day while playing video games and drinking pop……you can’t blame the child as the parent has enabled this kind of behavior….I can’t tell you the last time I saw a 10 year old pull up at a McDonald’s, in a new Mustang and order, for themselves a #1 with extra pickle and then pay for it with cash from their own job….LOL

      • justin

        Youre right but I can tell you about tons of parents who give their kids anythjng they want because the kid throws a tantrum. I’ve seen plenty of kids say no to the parents and the parents ask why they would like. I’ve seen plenty of kids pass up the opportunity to go play football outside because they would rather play Madden because it has a difficulty selection… yes parents can do more, but in a case like this where the girl is so sad that she has to try and find clothes to wear (which every woman and pretty much person does so its not like she’s doing something extra) youd think that she would take control of her weight and exercise… there’s a will theres a way. Trust me we hear TONS of stories about kids overcoming adversity. This is kust a pathetic attempt to get a hand out and its pathetic her parents are using this daughter.

  • Mitch

    Omg, cry me a river. Yes, she’s fat. She’s not comfortable with herself? Maybe she shouldn’t eat ho ho’s for each meal of the day. Is the man wrong? Sure, but at the same time she does look like honey boo boo and she’s going to be the black sheep. I’d cry like the comments above me but I’ve given up on mankind and would just rather point out the obvious.

    Hasn’t anyone realized that we should just get rid of social media and television, yet?

    • Angie Perkins

      No, Mitch, actually this little girl is not a black sheep. She is a human being just like you and I are. She has feelings just like you do. And she is only 6 years old and didn’t do anything to provoke a grown man to pick on her the way he did.

      • justin

        Picking on her would be going up to her and calling her honey boo boo. You going on a PUBLIC SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE and see a satire picture of you then thats just what it is. Yeah she’s human and trust me growing up I wish my brother and his friends would of called me fat and made pics like this, yet they said worse shit to me even in school and others would join in and yet I grew from it and used it to become better then them not a sympathy hug and shit. She’s six cool perfect time to teach her the world osnt dai and isnt not going to actually give two shits about you ITS CALLED REALITY. What about bad luck chuck, or the high guy memes, ect… you ever laugh and chuckled at those? That’s making fun of someone yet youre ok with that behavior. I mean those are people just like the little girl.. yeah didnt think so. Cant have your cake and eat it too hypocrite.

    • butterflyd

      You are kidding; right ? ? ? Move to a less free country. Do not worry; they will close it down, right after you turn your guns in. S M D H hard ! ! ! !

    • justin

      The same exact way as I do now. Fuck ill give you pics of me to Photoshop and ill still feel the same exact way. Its a picture. You ever stop to think aboit how many kids took sharpnies to your picture in year books to male them funny and peol to laugh tat, yet youre not complaining about those pictures. Mind you year book pictures are actually public records so its the same accessibility as Facebook. Nah that would be fair and insane to think like that huh? Please grow up and stop complaining about the exact thing life does.

  • james

    i bet if he put some super models name or a pretty movie star this wouldn’t be such an issue. didn’t honey boo boo win a bunch of beauty pageants and stuff like that? i mean at one point her show was one of the most watched shows and she makes ridiculous amounts of money. he didn’t say hey look at this fat girl in wal mart, he compared her to a very successful celebrity. they’re making this much much worse than what it is.

  • Laura

    I would be chuffed to bits if my child got compared with Honey Boo Boo. If anyone took the time to watch the show and read up about the family, they’d realise how kind hearted and fun they are! Their mother is supportive and encouraging unlike most American parents who dominate their children’s lives. As for Alana, she’s such a talented, charming and beautiful girl.

    This woman is a hypocrite by demonising another child based on stigmas.

  • Deidre Rawlins

    I had to read this article three times to make sure I didn’t miss something….”Oconee School Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas confirmed that Walhalla High School Assistant Principal Charlie Fowler is on administrative leave while personnel issues are being looked into”…. this paragraph came out of nowhere. It took me a minute to realize that a school employee posted the pic. A
    little proofreading goes a long way…..

  • bella07

    What is so wrong with calling her “Honey BooBoo”? That is not anything negative.She has he own show and is a cute little girl.People try to make too much out of everything!

  • dewey

    Honey Boo Boo is a piglet and Mama June…a sow….no necks, no chins….I can say these things because they signed the contract that got them on TV…..that alone means that you want my opinion…and for the last time, gastric bypass surgery isn’t a diet, it’s cheating to lose weight

  • Steve

    Is this mean? Yes, very. Is it cyberbullying? No. Cyber bullying is the recurring and unwelcome aggressive behavior using the internet, cell phones, or other electronic devices, with the intent of hurting or embarrassing others. This is not cyberbullying. You want to know what cyberbullying is? Look up the Megan Meier story; THAT is cyberbullying.

  • lorriegoose

    Honey boo boo is a little pig and so is her mother and they are all a family of rednecks who are an embarrassment to real American people. There’s Nothing Cute about her. They are disgusting.

  • Joni

    There is NO reason a 6 y.o. should ever be that obese!! It’s extremely unhealthy and it’s irresponsible for her parents to overfeed her to that extent. Unless the kid is the 1% that has a legitimate medical reason to be that heavy, there’s no excuse. The man who posted the photo did so on his personal page and should have the liberty to do. If her family is worried about the kid being picked on, too late!! Allowing her to be so obese is setting her up for a lifetime of bullying.

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