Lack of skilled workers for technology jobs in Triad

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FORSYTH COUNTY, NC -- The fastest growing tech company in Winston-Salem now calls the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter home. However, Inmar Chairman and CEO David Mounts said he's having trouble finding qualified people to fill dozens of open jobs.

"We've got to get better as a community at producing more of the STEM positions," said Mounts.

'STEM' stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Lawrence Reaves says his new company in Kernersville, called Coder Foundry, will help people get some those jobs.

"If you do a job search right now and type in '.Net developer' into a job search, you'll see over a 1,000 jobs right now in a 100 mile radius of this area," said Reaves. "The salaries are robust. The average is $100,000 right now for an experienced coder in central North Carolina."

Coder Foundry will begin classes in July teaching computer programming to beginners and people with coding experience through 12 week intensive courses. Upon graduating, students will be placed in jobs with local companies. Coder Foundry CTO Bobby Davis says even junior level jobs pay around $60,000 a year.

"It can definitely launch you into a brand new career that has no signs of slowing down. The demand is exponential," said Davis.

People interested in the programs have to apply online. Only 15 people will be accepted for each course in July. Apprentice classes start at $7,800.


  • dobydog1

    many people got out of IT because companies were bringing in H1Bs, that led to many layoffs and lower salaries. I worked for 1 company who layed off at least 1000 US IT workers to bring in Indian H1B replacements. The Indians were put in apartments across the street from the company and were put 3-5 to a bedroom. Cannot compete with that.

  • joshuncc

    My brother is a recruiter based in Charlotte. He can’t keep people around for jobs paying in excess of $100,000. They would rather go to somewhere else to work for even more pay. He has lots of .net, .asp, and SQL jobs on his plate now that he can’t fill because people aren’t willing to settle for $100k.

  • David Hedgecock

    There is a dis connect with this article. When one reads the article, it sounds like the jobs are there for the taking if one has the schooling and aptitude required. But then when you read the comments, it sounds as it’s not quite what it’s ‘cracked up to be’ and someone is not telling the truth. What is the truth here? This article demands a follow-up by the journalist that wrote it, and myfox8 should find out the truth as a public service to the communtiy. In other words, it sounds as though our local recruits or applicants will have a very tough time competing with foreign recruits who will pack together in apartments and work for far less than is advertised. I don’t think we have the whole story here.

  • Catherine

    Why is it this article talks about available to apply yet doesn’t give a link so someone who is interested can easily go to the page to Apply Online. I think this article needs more information.

  • Bobby Davis

    Full disclosure I work for Coder Foundry( The demand is high for Coders in general whether Stateside or H1B.. So if you have the skills you will be employed period.Just look at the open positions on job search boards. Being a US citizen that speaks english is actually a bonus and gives the candidate an advantage over foreign nationals. You absolutely will be able to compete in the field if you have the skills .NET, C#, Javascript or JQuery is what you need to know.

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