Demolition started at old J.C. Price School, Salvation Army center to be built at site

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Demolition is underway on the old J.C. Price school building in Greensboro, visible from Freeman Mill Road.

James Griffin is president of the Warnersville Community Coalition. He helped host community meetings with The Salvation Army to discuss what could be done with the property.

"It's an important building because it was built in 1922 and was one of the first schools for blacks in the city that we could attend," Griffin explained.

Griffin, his parents and his sisters all attended J.C. Price. He said the property has been unused for years.

"It was just sitting there for many years and the community deserves better than that."

The Salvation Army Major Don Vick said their first choice was to restore the building. But the cost and logistics of renovations were not a good use of the non-profit's money, he explained.

"The building is over 80 years old, a lot of problems in the building. We had our engineers and architects look at it. It just wasn't feasible for us. The way we have to watch out for children nowadays, we have to have a more open facility," Vick said. "It was just not cost effective."

While several people in the nearby community were disappointed to see the school coming down, they were glad to hear about the final plans for the property.

Vick explained, "We're going to be putting in what we call a Salvation Army Corp Community Center and Boys and Girls Club on that property, which will combine our senior program. There's also going to be a daycare in that facility."

The current Boys and Girls Club on Neal Street in Greensboro will move to this new location in the heart of Warnersville.

"We're gonna be able to increase our day to day attendances at the club from about 200 to over 600 kids," Vick added.

The Salvation Army hopes to open the new facility in the next year and a half.

The new lobby will include artifacts saved from the old school, along with displays about the history of J.C. Price, The Salvation Army and The Boys and Girls club.

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