Videos show storm damage around the Piedmont Triad

‘Restock the Shelves’ food drive on Wednesday, April 2 (PHOTOS)

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — In an effort to replace food that was spoiled due to the loss of power during recent winter storms, the City of Greensboro is hosting a city-wide food drive from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. today, April 2.

During the “Restock the Shelves” event, residents are encouraged to drop off nonperishable or canned food items at any of the city’s 24 fire stations.

The city is collaborating with Greensboro Urban Ministry, which will collect and distribute the food to multiple partner agencies through its food bank, the Volunteer Center of Greensboro and FOX8.

In addition to the public food drive, City of Greensboro employees are participating in an in-house collection effort.

For more information about the food drive and a list of city fire station locations, visit


    • rembrandt

      Faith you’re an idiot these food pantries are decimated from people.who use their food stamp money on things other than food for their kids. The problemwith these pantries is that they’re abused by people who know how to abuse the system.

      • FaithC

        Rembrandt – You show your class by calling names. Yes there are those who will abuse the system but there are those who truly need. Where I live there is a small food pantry, I try to donate to it every week. I know it stays within the town in which I live and I know the people who receive are mostly the elderly who truly need.
        I did research so I know where my donated money goes. How about you? When was the last time you gave to anybody buy yourself?

      • Thomas Christopher

        I have to agree with you, rembrandt. I worked in an area food distribution charity in the last year, which will remain nameless, in both fundraising and distribution efforts. Disgusted, I left the organization after hearing excessive negative comments during the money raising efforts and seeing the abuse from those in the distribution end of the spectrum. Sure, such charitable efforts as this and others make for nice photo ops and feel-good emotions, especially during the holidays, but do very little in permanently alleviating a growing problem of poverty and government/charity dependence that has only gotten worse in the last five years.

      • JT

        And you know this for a fact, rembrandt, or is this just more “I’m mad as hell about *blank* and not taking it anymore” bull. Keep playing checkers with those three brain cells, Sparky.

  • news2me

    This is a good thing Greensboro. No one in America needs to go hungry. No one. How can anyone not give to a food bank? Think about the innocent hungry children.

  • barry thomas

    how can canned goods and non-perishables replace refrigerated or frozen foods. this is a scam all food stamp recipients got an extra 50 on their total damage was in excess of 1000 not counting food when are we to expect people to take care of themselves

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