Guilford County DSS director resigns following food stamp issues, backlog cleared

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Guilford County DSS Director Robert Williams turned in his resignation on Monday following a growing controversy surrounding a large backlog of food stamp recertifications that could cost the state over $80 million federal aid.

Guilford County DSS Board Chairwoman Ursula Robinson will become interim director while the board searches for a permanent replacement.

The food stamps backlog was cleared Monday, according to Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp

As of last Monday, DSS officials said there were 3,100 backlogged recertification cases.

Last week, state officials said they had no idea there was a significant backlog in Guilford County until Wednesday because the numbers they were monitoring on NC FAST were incorrectly entered into the system.

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  • sinnerfrank

    Thats right scrw it up for these needy people take your check and benefits and run typical Greensboro politico !!

  • FaithC

    Glad he resigned. To bad they will put someone else in the position who could care less and screw it all up again.

    • Fred

      The position is open now, perhaps you can do better. Perhaps someone that understands its “COULD NOT CARE LESS”

      • Estacia

        EXACTLY, Fred. No details are even here regarding WHY there was a backlog. People kill me with their Monday morning quarterbacking.

        Perhaps there was not enough staff.
        Perhaps there is an increase of people applying for welfare and not enough staff.
        Perhaps bureaucracy from higher ups tied hands.
        Perhaps there was a cut in resources, including staff.
        Or…perhaps there is not enough staff.

  • chucky1992

    This is all a sign to me that there are way too many people getting government benefits. There really should be an audit done and a lifetime limit on what benefits will be provided. There are a lot of people who live their whole life in subsidized housing and on welfare when they are quite capable of working. I still don’t understand how someone who does not work and does not pay taxes can get a tax refund. If they legitimately need help, have lost a job or are on disability (a valid disability so they cannot work) then I understand but otherwise they should be encouraged to work and pay for their own housing and food. In other words, give them a hand up, not a hand out.

    • whatdidIread

      I have a problem with this too. My husband lost his job because his plant shut down, and I emailed DSS in my county, asking if we could get help with our electric bill. We have all electric heat, a well pump, etc. We were told that we are not eligible for help. The only exemptions to income (this includes unemployment benefits) are for child support or child care. So if you don’t have a bunch of kids around, and you are in your 40’s and have worked your whole life and gotten very little help, you are still going to get very little help when you lose your job. The kind lady at DSS advised me to “just hang in there”. Wonderful words of advice while you’re freezing, with nothing to eat.

      • chucky1992

        Your story is not the first I have heard of that kind. I saw a family in court a couple years ago. When they went to DSS after the father lost his job and the mother still had one, DSS informed them that they were not eligible for assistance until they both lost their jobs and their home (that they were purchasing) went into foreclosure. You have to have nothing before they can provide any help. It should not be like that at all. Provide support for people in those circumstances and help them get back on their feet. In the long run, you’d spend less money helping them than you would for those who refuse to work. I see people in court every month who have lived in public housing for 17 plus years and might be 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation public housing recipients. There is no incentive for them to do better and they have been raised that way and don’t know any different.

      • saywhat?

        Matthew Herman and Zombie Killer….. yes, I have a computer. I’ve had the same computer for about 6 years. Oddly enough, I didn’t lose it when my husband lost his job. And yes, I have internet…. My family’s only source for news, job searches, etc. I also use the internet to do transcribing and transcription review, to earn money to help with bills. We don’t have cable TV, Netflix, etc. In case you didn’t realize it, most job applications are done online now. We live in a very rural area. It would cost us more than the cost of internet per month to drive to the library often to do job searches on their computers. So, while I appreciate your intelligent contributions to this conversation, your assumptions about my “wastefulness” and “laziness” are unfounded. Have a lovely day.

  • news2me

    I would so think that people who work hard would have benefits. These stories are so very sad. I do wish they would check on the people receiving the benefits and if they truly need them, I have no problem. But.. we really do not in the year 2014 allow hard working people lose their houses. I like Chucky’s idea..”Help people get back on their Feet” ..needs to be a fund for just that!

  • Frank

    What a coward. A real mean would at least see the problem is fixed, then resign. I wish Mr. Williams nothing but the worst.

  • BP


  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    @BP.The welfare systems only makes up 11% of our countries spending. Deense,healthcare and pensions make up the majority of the deficit. It’s been that way since before we offered government assistance.

    • rembrandt

      11% wow you probably listen to the main scream media. Check all the entitlement figures it’s closer to 23% bonehead but even at 11% it’s still too high get out and get jobs and stop making excuses for being lazy.

      • saywhat?

        How about if all the jobs don’t get sent to China or Mexico? How about if the companies that hire people after they’re laid off, don’t pay them 20% less than they were making before? How are you supporting people who lose their jobs? You’re not. They paid taxes, and deserve some help when they need it most. And just out of curiosity, do you even know who Rembrandt was? You don’t seem like the artsy type.

  • Kat

    This is a LIE!!! I know three families that have been waiting and still no benefits received today… one family w/ 4 kids that have been waiting since Jan., a older disable woman who has been waiting since Jan. and single dad with his daughter who have been waiting since middle of Feb. The single dad called DSS this morning to see what was going on and was told that 2 out of 3 of their systems were down and that he would not receive benefits by tomorrow as promised and the only thing they could tell him was that his recertification had not been processed and they had no idea when it would be. Why are government officials lying??

    • NobodyAtAll

      “Why are government officials lying??”. Kat, people often make a career from what they do best..They begin in grade school and many make their way all the way to DC..It’s just what their really really good at..

    • news2me

      @Kat …How are these people making it ? I hope someone is helping them. Maybe a church or the food bank? We live in America, we can not let any of our people go hungry. NONE!

    • rembrandt

      If you know 3 families that need assistance it’s time to evaluate your circle of association. Tell them to go out and find work. I for one am sick of supporting as bunch of lazy naredowell’s.

      • saywhat?

        You don’t know 3 people who have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own? I do. And since you’re so keen to make nasty comments and call names, the term you’re scrabbling for so ineffectually is “ne-er-do-well”. As in “never do well”. A “nare” is a nostril, and I don’t think you have been supporting any lazy nostrils.

  • mojorisin73

    The majority of our tax dollars, about 85%, goes to corporate welfare, other countries, and the military industrial complex. We could easily cut out the welfare for corporations, stop sending money to other countries, and stop funding these wars that these corporations benefit off of and we’d still be able to help the ones in need that have lost their jobs and the disabled, without being in debt.

    • rembrandt

      Typical leftist argument, people shouldn’t be relianton the government, the governmen exists to provide roads , courts and security for the general population. Not food. Get out get jobs and stop being sq burden to the rest of society.

      • mojorisin73

        Sorry, but I’m not a leftist, As a Libertarian I’m just pointing out the facts behind the reason we are 17 trillion in debt. Having our military in other countries is nothing more than making corporations and the military industrial complex hundreds of billions of dollars at the expense of the lives of our men and women and the tax payers. If think they’re over there to “protect us” from the “boogeyman” then maybe you need to stop believing everything you hear on the mainstream media . Our founders made it clear, our military is here to protect our own borders not the borders of other counties.

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