Facebook post could land woman behind bars

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DETROIT, Mich. — There are just some things you should avoid posting on Facebook.

According to WDIV, Colleen Cudney, is not allowed to drink as a condition of her probation following a DUI conviction in 2012.

Cudney was called in for a test the day after St. Patrick’s Day and she passed.

Cudney took to Facebook to brag about her luck:

“Buzz killer for me, I had to breathalyze (sic) this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumb***.”

According to the report, a police officer saw the post. Cudney is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday and faces 93 days in jail for violating probation.

Source: WDIV


  • Hatter

    Pretty stupid, but she’s not allowed to drink even if she’s not driving?? That’s pretty stupid, too.

    • Amy

      Don’t agree. It’s about willpower. You were ordered not to drink, so you choose a holiday to go against what a judge told you? Knowing that holidays are usually the time when alcoholic beverages are consumed, it should have been no surprise that you had to pass a breathalyzer the next day. Why risk it, especially when you were so close to your probation being over? That was a decision not very well thought out.

      • hatter1

        Not sure what you disagree with. I said what she did was pretty stupid. Sounds like we’re in agreement on that. What else is stupid is that the judge ordered her not to drink. Drinking is legal. Drinking and driving is not.

      • Amy

        I disagree with your comment that said “she’s not allowed to drink even if she’s not driving?? That’s pretty stupid, too.” Not necessarily. Obviously she had been drinking in excess for her to appear in court and that to even be brought to a judge’s attention. If it was brought to a judge’s attention, then it was a factor in the original crime she was there for. It was the judge’s way of getting her attention and saying “you need to wake up and realize what long term affects this can have on you”. I am not against drinking at all. But when alcohol is directly involved in a crime, because you were drinking until you were drunk, then that is a bad choice.

      • Hatter

        Her original crime was DUI so obviously it didn’t need to be brought to the judge’s attention that alcohol was involved; I think he could deduce that information. Anyway, we’ll just have to agree to disagree; I think not being able to drink at all is a stupid condition of probation

  • kenyatta

    If someone threatens you on fb they don’t allow it in court. They shouldn’t be allowed to use this either. Not suppose to be able to pick and choose what’s submisable in court

  • Legal by all means

    She need to learn to follow directions. No drinking as a condition of her probation. Let her butt go to jail. she will learn the next time

  • JW

    Really dumb. Almost as dumb as my wife’s nephew, who is a high-school teacher in Pender Co. (NC), posting a comparison of Adolf Hitler and Coach K.

  • Joshua Florey

    Prove that she did what she says she did. Some people just like to say that they did something and got away with it but never really did it in the first place.

    • Hobbes

      You are right. We have a right to share on private, social media what we want. The state should be forced to prove it.

  • Hot$tuff

    Stupid is as stupid does….some people are born idiots! This one sure didnt learn much in school (if she even went)!

  • TJ Cox

    This is the same girl that flipped the Judge the bird when he set her bond. During her bond hearing, she was flipping her hair and laughing. When the Judge admonished her and set a relatively low bond, she again, disrespected the Judge, so he increased her bond. As she turned to leave, she flipped him the bird and he found her in contempt of court and put her in jail. This girl is nothing but stupid. She has no respect for the law, and, mark my word, she will wind up spending some serious time in jail.

    • Amy

      That girl was in Miami. You have the rest of the details correct, but it isn’t the same girl. Just someone else being stupid.

  • Ginger

    Here’s a valuable tip: If you don’t want EVERYONE to know something, don’t post it on FB.
    If you are so immature that you feel the need to lie about consuming alcohol or if you are so irresponsible as to disregard a condition of your probation, maybe a little time behind bars will shake some sense into you. If it doesn’t, at least it keeps your sorry self out of the public’s space for a while.

  • Anna Moore

    The Social Media may not be the place to air your dirty secrets but it does make it easier to keep tabs on the stupid people.

  • FaithC

    In another article it said she passed a breathalyzer test. When the cop saw her post she was called in to do a pee test. If she did not pass that I guess that would be the proof.

  • animaladvocate

    Now if they catch the girl who threw the litter of new born puppies in a river one by one while laughing about it!!!

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