UNC campus looking to tighten security after incidents

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Some UNC students are calling for more security on campus following three incidents this past week.

First, a knife-wielding man caused a campus shutdown last weekend. Then a homeless man tried to abduct a student from a music building, and Saturday a student was arrested for allegedly entering a female student’s room naked and trying to assault her.

The Daily Tarheel reported that UNC is looking to make some changes to security, especially at the popular student union center.

Last Sunday, UNC’s campus wide alert system was triggered after a man with a knife nearly attacked someone in the student union center. Former student 31-year-old Jesse Kister was handcuffed and taken away before anyone was harmed, but for an hour, the school was on lockdown.

“I was upstairs in the Union, we just got an Alert Carolina that something had happened, and it just said that there was a person with a deadly assault weapon. We didn’t know what the weapon was, and so we barricaded ourselves in a room and it was about an hour before anyone came to get us or tell us what happened,” said student Carlie Cunningham.

Other students were also frustrated by a delay in receiving information.

“One of the things I would like to see is a better Alert Carolina system. Because I know when I heard about the incident I was in my dorm, but I actually found out about it from Facebook before I did the school,” said student Anna L’Hommedieu.

That is why many students are calling for changes, including beefing up security at the union.

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