New database to cut down on errors associated with child support

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Last year, deputies with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office served nearly 1,500 arrest orders to people delinquent on child-support payments.

But sometimes, those arrest orders were outdated because the person had already caught up on payments or multiple arrest warrants had been issued. Court officials, social workers and deputies had no way to track the paperwork.

“They were getting picked up,” said Susan Frye, the Forsyth County clerk of court. “They would think they were already caught up. … It was a lot of unnecessary work.”

Frye said she hopes that a new database will help the clerk’s office, the Forsyth County Department of Social Services and the sheriff’s office keep up with the paperwork and cut down on mistakes. She said there’s no cost associated with the new database.

Frye said that a caseworker with the Forsyth County DSS typically issues an order for arrest or an order for show/cause for those who have failed to pay child support. That paperwork is sent to the sheriff’s office for service and to the clerk’s office to file, Frye said.

Maj. Beth Pritchard of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said that because there was no easy way to track the paperwork, deputies would often serve an arrest warrant on someone who had already paid child support.

“The order (for arrest) gets recalled and we don’t get the recall,” Pritchard said.

Frye said the new database will include names, case file numbers and other information that indicates whether the paperwork had been served or had been recalled.

In 2013, the sheriff’s office received 1,437 orders for arrest related to child support, Pritchard said. The sheriff’s office served another 2,080 orders for show/cause and 65 subpoenas, all related to child support, she said.

Frye said her office, the sheriff’s department and DSS have worked on the new database for the past six months.

Under the new system, paperwork will be issued electronically, Frye said.

Pritchard said deputies will begin training on the new system next week.

“We anticipate it resulting in us not serving duplicate orders for arrests on the same defendants while still providing quality service to the plaintiffs in these cases,” she said.


  • Learnthelaw

    What happens when you go to child support services, pay them $25, sit through a pointless class, give them the address of the “parent” that owes money, and court dates the “parent” has due to criminal arrest.
    Nothing. Nothing at all.
    Two years went by with nothing before I had to file my own Contempt of Court.
    Thank you DSS for doing nothing.

    • Learnthelaw

      In my case the other person doesn’t have a bank account. I don’t belive NC freezes bank accounts. I could be wrong. They will take money out of your paycheck and take tax returns.

  • Misty Deal

    I called DSS and the SHeriff’s department, gave them the Home Address and Work Address for the NON CUSTODIAL PARENT and they never found him in over 7 months. He also had a Court Date in Davidson County, I called them the day of his court to tell them he had a Warrant….They never picked him up there either. I called the SHeriff’s Department several more times over an extended period of time while I was physically watchig the Parent and they still never came to serve him…Child Support contacted him again and they dropped the Warrant because he paid $7.49. Here it is a Year later and no money has come it AT ALL, he has another Warrant out for FTA and once again I am giving them all the Information they need to find him, 2 months into it he is still no arrest !!!!!!!! I am so tired of People not doing their Job I realize it isnt a big deal to them but for us Parents it means alot.

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