Man performs roadside C-section on dead porcupine, saves offspring

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MINOT, Maine — A man in Maine got more than he bargained for when he retrieved a porcupine hit by a car from the road.

The female animal was dead, but the baby she was carrying was not.

Jared Buzzell says he was recently driving with a friend when they saw a car hit a porcupine in Minot, Maine.

Jared’s uncle had told him about a valuable mineral porcupines make called a bezoar stone, used in Chinese medicine.

When he realized the porcupine was dead, Jared says he cut it open to search for the stone. Instead, he found something even more surprising – A live baby porcupine.

“(I) cut the sack open and out fell the porcupine,” he says. “Cut the umbilical cord, put it in a hat. We thought it was dead, then I started massaging it and all kinds of stuff starting coming out of its lungs so it started breathing.”

Now, in Jared’s apartment, he’s hand-feeding a baby porcupine every two to three hours with his daughter’s baby doll bottle.

Once the little guy gets a bit stronger, the family plans to hand him off to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator… maybe.

Jared’s wife said she’s interested in keeping the animal for good.


  • aflanders

    Wish it was legal for them to keep it. Have to check the laws. I believe it is illegal. Also, did they check on what was the appropriate formula and how much?

    • nurse one

      Well said. Hopefully there are licensed trained people who can get it back home? Glad he saved it though. Good job!

  • Alfred

    Not exactly a good samaritan. He only stopped because he wanted that mineral from the dead animal, probably to sell it, and unexpectedly found the unborn porcupine.

    Now instead of handing the baby over to a proper rescue group he is hand feeding it which will insure it becomes human imprinted so it will not know how to survive in the wild, so it can never be released when it grows up. If he keeps the porcupine it will probably end up being killed at some point by his or his neighbor’s pet dog.

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