Body found on North Carolina A&T’s campus

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro police said they’re investigating after a body was found on the campus of North Carolina A&T University on Sunday morning.

Police said the body was found in the breezeway between Graham and Cherry halls.

Police said the victim is not affiliated with the university.

The death was reportedly due to natural causes and the name of the deceased will not be released by the Greensboro Police Department.


  • FaithC

    Sorry someone is dead, but it is just another day in Greensboro. The campus in not in a good neighborhood.

  • Adrian

    The neighborhood is not bad nor is that relevant. Could be any number of reasons the person died there. It’s a sprawling campus.

    • walter

      Um I disagree if you think the school is not in a bad neighborhood you must not know Greensboro. But you are in the right that the person being found dead has no relevance to the schools location. It’s still sad regardless.

      • Spike

        My initial impression of you, Walter is that you aren’t cultured or well-traveled especially if you think there’s anything remotely dangerous about GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA where even the housing projects are seemingly luxurious compared to other areas in the U.S. – Let that resonate with you. You are sadly mistaken my friend and you haven’t a clue.. This is coming from a former resident of Oakland, CA.

  • Pamela

    Yes, I am with Adrian. Let’s not forget in this day and time, it really does not matter where you live. People kill me trying to act like “it won’t happen to me”. That person who is dead will be 6 feet under just like everyone else. NC A&T is really good school where young adults and adults from ALL types of backgrounds come to get an education.

  • Adam Z.

    You can always count on FaithC to bemoan what a horrible city Greensboro is, and how setting foot *anywhere* in the city at any given time of day is a risky venture.

    • Cripes_A_Mighty

      Greensboro is not a horrible city and I am quite sure that Faith was not saying that. I suspect she was alluding to the fact that crime is higher in certain parts of Greensboro and this is becoming normal to the point that citizens are no longer shocked or outraged.

      • Adam Z.

        I agree with you that Greensboro is not a horrible city. My analysis of FaithC’s comment is not just about what she had to say on *this* story – I was referring to a pattern I’ve seen on this website. She is a frequent commenter on crime-related stories. Most of her comments on crime related stories include some direct or implied statement about how unsafe Greensboro is and how people are putting themselves at risk to go anywhere or do anything in Greensboro. Granted “Just another day in Greensboro” (one of her frequent sayings) isn’t that bad an indictment, but I’m just tired of the doom & gloom attitude about the place I call home. Yeah, there are some areas of town that I would recommend avoiding at night (and some areas I’d try to avoid any time), but that could be said of any city of 300,000 people. It’s not like the entire city is some cesspool to be avoided.

    • Cripes_A_Mighty

      Her thoughts are her own and while her pattern causes you concern, I’d be more concerned that she is right. Crime in Greensboro is only going to get worse and pointing this out does not make Faith wrong.

      • Adam Z.

        Trust me when I say that I *am* concerned about crime. It’s the polarizing/extreme off-the-rails “the sky is falling” attitude that this whole city is some kind of third-world, thug-run hellhole which I find ridiculous. There are much worse, much more crime-riddled places in America than Greensboro ;)

    • Cripes_A_Mighty

      While you make comments about her being polarizing and extreme with a sky is falling attitude, you seem to be doing the same thing in regards to her comments.

  • Cinamon

    Hey Will Grant read the story again genius! Now blacks cause natural causes deaths?!? You probably didn’t even read the story, just decided blacks did it!! Smdh!!!

  • Veronica

    What are you idiots talking about there wasn’t any crime committed. The person died of natural causes. What part of that you don’t understand? I live near the campus and I leave my door unlocked on most occasions. Bigots need to shut the hell up. Oh have nice day.

    • Adam Z.

      Veronica, when that conversation began yesterday (look at the timestamps) the cause of death had not yet been announced. No need to be rude ;)

    • Will Grant

      If you don’t lock your door, it’s either because you’re a re-re, too broke to afford a door, or else somebody already stole it. Hope this helps, “Veronica.”

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