High Point Fire Department prepares for future storms

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The High Point Fire Department is exploring funding options to install backup generators at several fire stations that lost power, some for days, during the recent ice storm.

Firefighters say it’s one way the department is thinking ahead for the next big storm.

Four High Point fire stations are currently without backup generators.

During extended outages, it means firefighters have to manually open and close bay doors before heading to an emergency

High Point Fire Chief Thomas Reid says it slows emergency response times by up to a minute, which can make a big difference.

Not having power during winter storms also means water in the trucks may freeze and force firefighters to sleep at another station that does have power.

HPFD is exploring grant funding and plans to look at the budget to see what projects can be reprioritized to buy the generators.


  • NobodyAtAll

    The department that I used to belong to would have two big raffles per year..In mid November, the turkey and shotgun raffles netted the department a ton of money for new equipment..

    • Jennifer

      You have an EXCELLENT idea there!!! I feel that a Large Majority of Jamestown residents Would be VERY Happy to support such a raffle for our Fire Department, and THEN some!!!

      • NobodyAtAll

        Thank you Jennifer…Even $10 tickets towards a $300 shotgun sold by the hundreds and hundreds…We’d raffle off approx 800 or so turkeys too taking in a few thousand $..

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