Construction underway on Greensboro urban loop

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro drivers, prepare for delays and detours from the western Greensboro urban loop construction.

The $101 million loop is meant to reduce traffic throughout the city by constructing a six lane freeway from Bryan Boulevard to Battleground Avenue.

"Eventually we're going to have an on-site detour at Battleground Avenue. There will also be an on-site detour on Horse Pen Creek Road," Assistant NCDOT Engineer Bill Snell said.

Bridges will be constructed over Drawbridge Parkway and Horse Pen Creek.

"The bridge will actually have four ramps coming off it and they'll all come down into Battleground very similar to the one on Friendly Avenue."

While some drivers worry about upcoming traffic delays and jams, other say it will be helpful in the long run.

The western part of the loop will be complete in 2017.