Cleaning up after graffiti vandalism in Eden

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EDEN, N.C. — Businesses, churches, and building owners are still cleaning up vandalism left after a man spray painted several areas in red last Thursday.

Rhonda Price owns David Price Auto Shop on Monroe Street in Eden.

She spent $1,000 getting the six cars on her lot washed and waxed after their rear windows and license plates were tagged.

"It is a lot of money,” Price said. “I hope this gentleman realizes the damage he's done."

She still has more cleaning to do on the wooden fence which encloses her garage. It was sprayed with word “killa” and the letters “wgf”.

"Some vulgar obscenities," Price said.

She tried washing it off, but red marks and paint still remain.

"We're going to end up painting it to get the rest of the graffiti off," she said.

Police arrested 19-year-old Skylar Dix on March 20. Dix is charged with 30 counts of injury to real or personal property.

"I was shocked as to some of the things that were written," said Michael Dougherty, Director of Economic Development.

Dougherty says it's going to cost $2,200 to replace the Plexiglas over the city's historic River Boat Men mural which was also covered in red markings and obscenities.

"The longer this stuff is on there, the harder it is to get off," Dougherty said. “The images are etched within the Plexiglas. It's going to have to be removed."

It’s a crime he says that doesn't just hurt the city's pockets, but its image.

Dougherty says the city just approved a six million dollar plan to revamp downtown.

"You try to do a lot to bring people to the historic downtown and when this happens, it just sets you back," Dougherty said.


  • tommy

    make him pay every dime for the repairs if it takes the rest of his life if courts garnished wages like they did child support a lot of this stupid stuff would stop
    hit them in the pocket book

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