Officer-involved shooting at Aberdeen Townhomes in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police responded to a call of an armed person at Aberdeen Townhomes on Hewitt Street Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, the call came in at 4:29 and preliminary reports indicated a dispute between family members.

Upon arrival, Officer T.J. Bloch observed a woman threatening another woman with a knife.

Police say Bloch commanded the woman to drop the knife. She advanced toward Bloch with the knife, which resulted in him drawing and discharging his firearm. The woman was struck.

The woman was identified as 47-year-old Chieu-di Thi Vo.

Bloch requested EMS and began performing first aid on her. She was transported to Moses Cone Hospital. She is in serious but stable condition.

Bloch was not injured during the incident.

An investigation is ongoing.


    • Jake

      Encounters like this immediately become evidence. As such it is my understanding that they become confidential until after the case is resolved. After that you’d probably have to go down to the police station to request a copy, and given the sensitive nature of it I don’t know how exactly you’d go about doing that.

  • wild man

    he should have used a defendant method to get the knife there was no reason to shoot this crazy lady so your telling me you shoot people for any old reason this is not right i would like to see the dash cam video of this to i bet there was no reason for this just saying

    • sinnerfrank

      Sure thing there wild man just hand her a drink or a smoke and SWEET Talker till she puts the blade down and hugs you neck !! If she don’t decide to BLADE your ASE !!

    • gsores

      What an idiotic statement. Why should he/she have to take that chance? You think most officers like to shoot? Once it happens, the officer is held under a microscope, the family and officer have to deal with the media, people like you, and the mentally relive the horrible experience. Why, why,why does society think officers like to shoot?! I just dont get it.

  • robert

    It’s easeier to shoot than tase. There are to many trigger happy cops out there. Do a story on the number of cop shooting when they could have used their tases

  • gsores

    Oh Robert, such a an awful statement. An officer should get to go home. You have no idea what happened. If the video justifies the shooting will we hear from you again?

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